A good citizen is

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At Moorelands, all year round, we strive to be good citizens in our community. There are many definitions of a citizen but to narrow it down, it means, that you belong and identify with a community. However, the question remains, what makes someone a good citizen? We protect the environment and do our share as part of the community. We actively educate ourselves on pressing social issues, and always stand up for what is right in the community. A community is a collection of people, no matter who they are or where they come from.

Moorelands has a culture of acceptance, we always practice accepting everyone for who they are. If you identify with a culture, gender or religion, you are welcomed and a good citizen would recognize this. I think we can all agree that no one is perfect. Part of being a good citizen means abiding by the community code and learning how to engage in debate respectfully so we can all be safe and enjoy being together in the community.

Having respect means to listen, cooperate, and choose your actions, attitudes and behaviours appropriately. When we disagree with others, we need to be peaceful problem solvers so we can work things out. Then we could find a solution that is for the benefit of the group as a whole. At Moorelands, we have a way of thinking and doing things through our Habits and Qualities ; make it a habit, and do it with quality.

Being a good citizen is taking care of the environment you are a citizen of. We do this by protecting and maintaining a healthy environment to show our citizenship. Where each site collected garbage in the nearby Flemingdon Park. A good citizen gets involved and participates. One way to do this is by participating or initiating community gatherings. Citizenship is all about creating new memories.

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A good citizen is

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What does it mean to be a Good Citizen?