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At this point, Family Guy has been on television far longer than any of us could have suspected. It was just a fun, adult cartoon. After twenty years and sixteen seasons, people are used to Family Guy. The characters are familiar, we know Quahog like our own towns at this point and all the recurring gags have come back around a fourth time and are almost funny again. Here are so reimaginings of the Griffin kids as adults. Or their latest appearance in season fifteen's The Boys in the Band, where she screws Stewie out of his songs.

Artwork by ChiQs Stewie might be a little silly, he is still a baby after all, but anybody who can build a time machine shortly after their first birthday, then build a bigger, better time machine after their second, is going to rule the world. One day Stewie will be looking down on us Mr.

Burns style, sipping his champagne in his high-backed chair. We will bow down to him and, if he likes us, our ends shall be quick and painless. Thank you Overlord Stewie! Artwork by Skybluespirit. Although she could just be making herself breakfast in her super awesome kitchen. I love those summer pajamas, though.

Turns out future Meg can pull any look off! Hang in there Megatron! Artwork by Ashiva-K-I. This Stewie shows very little resemblance to the diabolical genius that he was in the early seasons. Can you imagine this guy building doomsday devices or attempting to take over the world? It looks a little seventies to me. So, either Stewie gets in retro fashion when he grows up, or he uses his time machine to go on dates. Artwork by EtherealVision. This teenage Stewie is probably a lot more accurate. He just looks happy and casual, like a normal high schooler.

If that simple smile is anything to go by, he abandoned his plans for world domination long ago. Maybe he looks back and cringes at who he was when he was younger He does look a little too normal here; I imagined Stewie would go into a goth phase in high school or become an art geek. Artwork by BurandiChan. When looking at a picture of my sixteen-year-old self recently, I realized how much my face had changed in less than ten years.

This fan art is simple, but there is a lot there. Chris has always been a very happy character, despite his home life and not being the most like kid at school. Artwork by Random-panda7. This fan art shows a college student Meg visiting her Grandmother Barbara. The family relationships in Family Guy seem to follow a typical television issues path.

Barbara left Lois with issues, Lois projects those issues onto Meg who resents her mother, yet Barbara and Meg seem to get along very well. I love this college Meg. The pink belt reflects her old style, but the jeans and jacket with badge make her look artsy and carefree.

Mind you, Stewie is a genius. If he can make a time machine, maybe he can mutate the genetics of both Brian and Vinnie to make them live as long as humans. Artwork by ldejruff. This image is just too cute! But judging by the smiles between the two, they have a great relationship. For some reason, I like to think that Meg is a single parent.

Meg is much stronger than she seems and could completely stand on her own. I imagine these two having a supportive, close relationship. Artwork by ZroFrost. Well, this certainly is an interesting ship. One could argue that Meg is too old for Bart, being eighteen when he is ten. But maybe they reunited years later when Bart was much older. But Meg can do better! Artwork by PerkyGoth This fan art is interesting as I recognize two of these versions of Stewie from the show. The one on the right is a non-canonical future Stewie seen in a cutaway where he is at college.

The one in the middle I assume is a fan creation Stewie, possibly in high school, between the other stages of Stewie. Artwork by Kyzmonkey. She seemed to have moved on and grown stronger. But this moment is very different. She looks very melancholy, like she is reliving painful memories in her head. Even if she sometimes gets down because of her past, at least she seems to be very successful.

That bathroom is huge and beautiful! While the style of Chris is the same as the teenaged Chris from the show, the realistic style face looks far older than what he usually looks like. Maybe there is some sad story here as to why he dresses the same way.

Perhaps he has been repeatedly held back in school. To me though, the pencil shows that he still has a passion for art, rather than struggling in school. Apparently, that trip to Springfield was a very good idea for the Griffin kids! This ship is a little better, since Stewie and Maggie are pretty much the same age. But this does look like these characters in the future.

Although Maggie is far too old for that bow! Okay, so I made fun of Stewie and Maggie for not being a compatible pairing and Bart and Meg for their age difference- but both ships sail circles around this one. Secondly, Quagmire is a pig and Meg can do better. Maybe Quagmire takes really good care of himself and Meg changed him for the better, as this image is too serine.

This artwork depicts an older Stewie next to a human Brian. The special bond between dog and baby in the show goes past all others. Instead of being a simply age-up for a character, this fan art reimagines Chris Griffin as the character Toki Wartooth from the other adult animation Metalocalypse. As Toki is ificantly older than the teenaged Chris, I consider this to be an age-up. Someone familiar with both programs can recognize both characters.

They are both also incredibly naive and innocent, with -like nature. This is a teenage Stewie I can completely get on board with. I want Stewie to fall into the wrong crowd, spike up his hair and wear eyeliner. Imagine being that moody, cynical teen but actually having the technology to rule the world! Artwork by VictorTheBabysitter. Rather than being a traditional fan art, this is a still from Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story , edited by a fan.

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Adult family guy pics

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