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When a order is in this status, it means that your order has not been approved. You may to complete the transaction process or you may simply ignore the order if you want to cancel the same. When a order is in this status, it means that the order has been given to our pharmacist and after reviewing the order details the order will give to our dispatch department to ship.

If you ever see your order on this status please give us a call or send the Click for Mail to sort out issue. Your order is on this status because your payment initially failed when placing your order. All our transactions are done on a secure and the card details would be destroyed after completion of the transaction. Your order would be shipped as soon as we receive the payment of your order.

CVV is an anti-fraud security feature to help verify that you are in possession of your credit card. For American Express, the four-digit CVV is printed on the front of the card above the card . Sending in a check or money order for your online medication is the slowest way to send us payment and as a result it will affect the speed of your order. We will be unable to process the order until payment has been received and depending on the country you are sending the payment from and whether you are a new or existing customer, there may be even further delays while we wait for the payment to clear.

We recommend that if you are sending payment for your medication by mail, you should always use a registered service preferably with a tracking so we can trace it in case of delays. Credit cards can be refused for a of reasons, many of which are out of both your and our control. When you place an order with a credit card, the information you submit goes directly to our merchant bank at which point it is tested through various fraud.

The following are the main reasons of decline transactions:. If the Billing and shipping address are different: In this situation, the card-issuing Bank may stop the transaction to avoid suspect Fraud cases. If you are using a card from a different state or country where the card was actually issued: This happens if your card was issued at your address but you are using the same from a different state or country. In such a case, you may by phone and place the order.

As you can see, there are many channels your transaction must pass through before it is accepted and if there is a problem with even one of them your entire transaction for your online medication will be declined. In the event it is declined, please give us a call to confirm the order.

Please note that some banks will require your authorization after they accept the charge from our company. For example, if you normally use your card only in USA and your bank suddenly sees a transaction from overseas they may think that the transaction is suspicious and wish to speak with you before allowing it to go through.

In this case, they may call you to confirm or you may need to call and alert them of your approval. We recommend you check with your bank after placing an order just to make sure everything went through successfully. It is important to note that all credit card processing through our company is done outside the USA and Canada.

We are working with multiple Banks thus the name of the charge may differ. We send the payment confirmation e-mail once the order is approved. This is quite possible and the reason why is because some of our banks do not charge in US dollars but rather in other currencies such as the Euro.

Because the currency exchange rates fluctuate daily, the amount charged will not exactly equal what it shows on your invoice. In fact, in many cases it will show less as each day we undervalue the exchange rate to give you a slight discount before charging you. Of course, some banks also like to take their commission for these multi-currency transactions and if your bank is like this they may charge you extra fees as well.

Unfortunately we can't do anything to avoid this but if for some reason your credit card shows that you were charged much more than the amount you paid please and send in a copy of the statement fax or and will we do our best to rectify the matter by applying an credit. If you were double charged please accept our sincerest apologies. Sometimes there is a communication error between our website and the bank and as a result the website will automatically try again causing a double charge. Many times we will notice this before you do and refund you immediately, however if you notice the error before us then let us know and we will issue the refund without delay.

It can take up to seven to ten business days for your refund to show up on your credit card. Many times it will show up in only three business days but sometimes there are bank delays that are out of our control and for this we apologize in advance.

If you have not received your refund in seven to ten business days then please be sure to right away so we can follow up with the bank and find out why. Simply to your and visit the " Information" whereby you will be able to update your contact information. Please note that if you need to change your shipping address in the middle of an order you should immediately so that we can stop the order before shipment. Simply to your and visit the "Change Password" . We recommend you choose a strong password for your so as to increase the security.

Common guidelines for choosing good passwords are deed to make passwords less easily discovered by intelligent guessing:. As with any security measure, passwords vary in effectiveness i. For example, the difference in weakness between a dictionary word and a word with obfuscation i. The examples below illustrate various ways weak passwords might be constructed, all of which are based on simple patterns which result in extremely low entropy:.

There are many other ways a password can be weak, corresponding to the strengths of various attack schemes; the core principle is that a password should have high entropy usually taken to be equivalent to randomness and not be readily derivable by any "clever" pattern, nor should passwords be mixed with information identifying the user. If you have checked all of the above and are still having problems receiving our s then and we will be glad to help your solve the problem. It is possible to cancel your however for security reasons you must to have this completed.

As no card information is stored with the , there may not be any reason for exercising this option. Simply to your and visit the "My Orders" . There are a of reasons why your AllDayChemist order may not have shipped yet and the easiest way to learn why is just to and ask. For quick reference however your best indication of why your order hasn't been shipped is to check the order status and for the most part it is pretty self explanatory. For example, if the status is "Incomplete Payment Process or Want to Pay or Pending eCheck Payment" there is a problem with your payment and you must to resolve the problem, or we are still waiting for your payment to arrive in the mail.

For a more detailed explanation of the various drug delivery status codes, please see our order status FAQ. When tracking information is sent to you, it is important to note that it may not show up in the courier's website until many days after the pharmacy has shipped your order. In most cases, the package must reach the destination country your country before any tracking will be displayed.

As such, you must be patient while your order makes its way around the world to you. If tracking is not showing up seven business days after it is entered in your then we ask you to please so that we may pass a query onto the courier to make sure there are no unexpected delays. We have prepared a small write-up to explain the process of what happens when customs refuses entry of your order, please read it carefully first and don't hesitate to for any clarifications or further information.

Why would Customs return my package? This is by no means a cause for concern. It is your customs' job to accept or deny the mail coming into the country and medications are no exception. As there is no way for them to know whether the medications are legitimate, the customs' officer will usually return all medications to the origin pharmacy as a precaution. This is a common question asked by our new customers and it is very important they understand how AllDayChemist works when compared to all the other online pharmacies on the Internet. When you place an order with our service, we not only protect you from online fraud, we also protect you from the fears of receiving fake or inferior products.

All our products are manufactured by leading Indian Pharmacies and their facilities are approved by USFDA or other respected government authorities. Our guarantee states that you will get your products and a refused package from customs is no exception. Simply and we send you a free reshipment of your order and depending on the availability of your products in stock, we will have your new tracking sent to you right away. There is always a possibility that your order could be refused again but the chances are very slim.

You should call us in advance to let us know you require priority shipment of your order. Alternatively, you can e-mail us when you place your order. Although we do not ship it any other method than the one that we are currently doing, we can ensure your order jumps to the top of the queue and is shipped right away to try to save you a few days on the fulfillment time.

Please note that although we can guarantee that the order will ship right away assuming that the products are in stock , we cannot guarantee that the shipping company will bring it to you without delay. Once we place the order in the mail, it really is out of our control. This could result in an order being refused by customs or an unforeseen delay with the shipping company.

Please do not wait too long for your package to arrive. If it is outside the listed shipping times, so we can investigate further. Unfortunately you cannot. You may only cancel your order before it has been shipped from the pharmacy, and even that will be subject to cancellation fee. Please note that we do ship in small bubble envelopes or card boxes and do not enclose any literature about the products. All of our medications come with the original instructions and packaging that contains the lot and expiry that can be cross checked with the manufacturer.

Our generics also come in original packaging; however most of the generics from India come only as the blister packs with the manufacturer information printed directly on the reverse of the blister. You will never have to worry about the origin of the medications you order through AllDayChemist. When you have a very large order, we may split the order into two or more separate shipments spaced roughly days in which case you will receive the remainder of your order shortly after the first part has arrived.

As always, if you have any questions you may always and we will be glad to clarify things for you. This can and will happen when you order medication online from different countries, especially when you are ordering generics which can be manufactured by several different manufacturers. Because a generic medication can be manufactured by any company, each company will use the exact same active ingredients but the process of creating them may differ and thus the shape, color, and size of the tablets or capsules may differ slightly to distinguish them from their competitors.

This in no way affects the efficacy of the medications. If your parcel was returned to the pharmacy for any reason, we can charge you shipping again and reship out your package but as we do not keep the card details of our client, you need to call us to pay the shipping cost. If the conment was returned to the pharmacy due to our fault, we will re-ship it without any charges. Please get in touch with us in either of the cases.

The only instance in which you can return a medication after it has been delivered to you is if the pharmacy sent you the wrong medication or if the medication arrived damaged. In the event of either of these scenarios, the pharmacy will promptly reship the medication to rectify the mistake.

Under no other circumstances can we allow a product to be returned or refunded outside these scenarios. Please immediately so we can inform the pharmacy. The correct medication will be promptly sent to you. Your medication will be promptly resent to you. We value the security of our site. Our user information and credit card information are secure s. You will notice 'https:' instead of the usual 'http:' in the address bar of your browser. We also have GoDaddy and McAfee certifications leading certifications for e-commerce sites.

We however understand that there may be some people who are still uncomfortable in sending their credit card details over the net. Please for the 'Fax Order Form. You can mail us at Click for Mail for any clarifications. A prescription is needed for prescription medicines. We are the only online pharmacy that supplies drugs from the top pharmaceutical firms of the United States from outside of the United States where these drugs are sold at a much lower price.

We may also provide medicines which are made by leading manufacturers who export to most countries. Yes, the majority of firms selling drugs to other countries are the same firms selling these drugs in the USA. Generally, they may call the drug another brand name, but they are the same drug generically.

In addition we also supply medications manufactured by leading Indian manufacturers. The Indian pharma industry is the fourth largest in the world in terms of volume. The top fifty manufacturers in terms of value are:. We don't accept returns on prescription items, because it's illegal for us to reuse or resell them. If your prescription order was damaged in shipping or if the incorrect item was shipped, please e-mail us immediately at Click for Mail. Please include your order tracking in your e-mail so that we may assist you more quickly.

We offer great-value generics, without ever compromising on quality. The products we offer are manufactured by leading pharmaceutical companies like:.

Alldaychemist wire transfer

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