Alternative night clubs

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Clubs are central to the electronic music scene, but increasingly their aesthetic has become fluid. From beaches to rooftops, restored industrial buildings, caves, boats and even piers, our favourite dance floor destinations are no longer limited to dark rooms, light shows and a focal DJ on stage.

The exposed structure is like an overblown beach hut and is bathed in warm red and blue lights with lush greenery all around it. In Croatia al-fresco dancing has become a defining character. With swimming pools and multi-level dancefloors, they are about as far from the traditional club space that can be imagined. To take things one step forward, neighbouring Zrce Beach club NOA is suspended on a pier heading out into the sea. Another European city affected by legislation and venue closures is London. But from that loss came a visible rise of alternative club spaces.

Interesting industrial or architectural features as the benchmark when sourcing alternative spaces. It goes without saying that the space in which we party only changes so much. The process is the same whatever the location; the ritual of gathering to dance and listen to music with friends, and to be part of a communal experience, was established long before dance music or nightclubs ever existed.

It goes deeper. And the reality is that these alternative spaces are only one part of the story told by the Top Clubs . For every unique alternative club space listed in our annual ranking there is another homogenous, yet equally exciting, venue, sometimes inside a hotel complex or located on an urban strip. This is not a wholesale takeover of alternative venues, but rather a widening of the classification of the places we gather to enjoy the music we love, which can only be positive in promoting our diverse, thriving global 'club' scene.

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Alternative night clubs

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