Aquarius man and capricorn woman sexually

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This can be a rough dating match since the Capricorn woman is all about the "rules" whereas her Aquarius man is all about breaking them. Still, the attraction is dynamic. The Capricorn woman will be able to ground her Aquarius man's quirky innovations and he will help her think outside the box. They learn to reinvent the rules of dating and love together.

Sexually, they'll really be unique. The Capricorn woman will work hard to please her Aquarius man and he'll show her how true the saying is that "variety is the spice of life". The dating may be uncomfortable at first between an Aquarius woman and Capricorn man. Still, the attraction will be strong so it's worth it to keep dating until they get it right.

The Aquarius woman is going to make her own rules and break them many times during the course of her life. She is a "rules" girl, just like her Capricorn man however her rules are not traditional, and they're self made. Once they understand and accept this major difference they will no longer limit each other and can move onto dating fun!

Sexually the relationship will be ambitiously innovative which will delight both the Aquarius woman and the Capricorn man. The first date between the Capricorn and Aquarius couple will be something intellectual and posh. It could be theater, readings or art galleries. A first class restaurant is perfect. Capricorns want their love match to be interesting, upscale and willing to talk about serious subjects; no busy talk and no prying. These two zodiac s like to be connected on an intellectual level! Capricorns are motivated and practical.

They will wait for the right partner before displaying romance and love. To win this zodiac s's heart show your consistency, totally loyal and financial responsibility. Aquarius s don't commit easily either. Both men and women of both s prefer being alone over an unfilled relationship. Astrologically, sex between these two is physical and good. Capricorn has a lot of stamina but is not into kinky stuff.

Classy surroundings and a sensual touch keep the heat in the bedroom. The erogenous zone for Capricorn is the legs and Aquarius' are calves and ankles. Aquarius will sensually explore Capricorn's body before love making.

Capricorn men and women expect decorum in the bedroom. Capricorn wants to be the boss and Aquarius won't be dominated. He needs freedom and space to grow. While a little eccentric, Aquarius s are also thought of as rebels and are known for their revolutionary ideas. Friendliness, good nature, and intelligence make the Aquarius successful in life. They will be your best friend even after marriage.

Capricorn is serious and introverted. Aquarius is gregarious and unconventional. Aquarius s are innovative and full of surprises. Capricorns are proper and stable. Instead of saving money, Aquarius is more about saving the world. For a successful relationship, these two zodiac s will need to learn new things from each other. Aquarius could teach Capricorn to be freer and live in the future. Capricorn could teach Aquarius to learn more focus and balance.

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Aquarius man and capricorn woman sexually

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Aquarius Man and Capricorn Woman Match in (Does It Work?)