Boom beach matchmaking tips

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Attacking is the biggest component in the game of Boom Beach, you need to attack to get various resources and materials to craft your idols. In this compilation of best practices, we will go over everything that you need to know about how to attack, how to effectively attack, and how to suffer the least losses from your Boom Beach attacks. If you have found this guide useful, please check out the rest of our Boom Beach guides under mobile game guide section.

Please note that this guide will not explain how each of the units work in detail nor their stats. We will go over useful and applicable strategies that can instantly make you more effective in the attacking aspect of the game. This is the basic of the basic, without proper units and a good of them, you will almost never be able to break even a mediocre defense.

Upgrade your units with Armory and load up your units with your land crafts, and better yet always make sure that your of landing crafts are maxed per your level. Gradually switch your statues into troops enhancing statues will always be better than having the resource ones. Having higher probability to carry out your raids and playing frequently yields better resource return most of the time. Half of the battle is to under how your own Boom Beach offensive units function.

You will have to use them at the right time against the right buildings to succeed. Using them against the buildings that they are effective against is paramount. You need to know how much damage that your units can take, how long it takes for your units to take down enemy building, their walking speed, and their damage range. All of this need to be practiced and observed through using them. Since the place where you can drop off your attacking units is only at the beach, it becomes crucial to know where and the time to drop them. We will go over some key factors and strategy for landing your units.

Timing Depending on which buildings that your units encounter first, you need to time your drops. By dropping units too early or too late, your units will either suffer unnecessary damage, or your units cannot destroy the defenses on time. In general, you want to drop off the tanky units first like the heavy or tanks, which cover and absorb the fire of your other infantry units. However, if the enemy defense has a sore cannon at the beginning, dropping off a swarm of infantries first may work. Dropping Location The location of the initial blue flag drop matters.

Your units will take the shortest distance to start marching toward enemy units after they reach the rally point on the beach. You almost always want to drop them close to the defense buildings instead of other buildings. This way they can focus on the defenses first instead of taking damage while destroying misc buildings. Landing Craft Overlap There is another factor in place is that your landing ships cannot overlap one another.

This means that your units land on the beach first depending on where your ships land, then they march toward the blue summon point. This is crucial especially if enemies have their wide range defenses that cover the beach. By having that additional couple seconds of incorrect rallying point and ship drop, your attacking troops take unnecessary incoming fire. Draw or plan ahead your units attacking and moving patterns for the duration of the attacking raid. Before you start your attack, plan out a course of action. Imagine how your units will move from building to building, how and where they are standing while taking down the defenses, and how the use of flares can affect their movement.

Through proper planning, you will know exact when and where to attack. You can also predict how the defenses will target your units too. They typically attack the units that are closest to your units. By able to calculate and anticipate the locations of offensive attacks and defensive counter attacks to lower your loss.

Each of the battle actions have their purposes and effects. However, using just one of them can get costly real quick in terms of battle energy. Combine and use all the battle actions when needed is the best attacking strategy. If you just rely on one single battle action, you probably will do poorly with your attacks. The only exception to this rule is that if you can combine the offensive actions such as the Barrage or Artillery to quickly take out trouble buildings. For example, if a cannon is covering mortar buildings, using the offensive action to take out the cannon to expose the weakness.

Utilize The Power of Flare With the cost of Flare so low, they are one of the best items to strategically expose weakness of enemy defenses. You can use flare to move your units into building blindspots such as the Missile Launcher, or retarget your fire towards defense building instead of misc buildings. Combine the use of flares with them to move your units around in the base.

If the base is weakly defended in the battle, you can potential move all of your units to the back unscathed if you have enough battle action points. Crowd Control Attacks One of the common hole or weakness of many bases are that they have placed their defenses to close to each other. When this happens, use shock bomb to disable a cluster of them and barrage to damage them all. Use a combination of both battle actions to conserve your points for Flare and Medkit.

A properly stacked medkit plus well planned path can help you take down any enemy defenses. When you see no chance of your attacks winning against enemy defenses, do not be afraid to retreat and cover your losses. There is no point to toss all of your units into a base that cannot be raided. Learn when to tap that retreat button to recover your units.

Although you can really mix and match your units to target specific bases, below are some general mixes that do pretty well for the villages of your level range. You generally want to stay away from Zooka because their HP is too weak and die too easily, more importantly, the Zookas are time consuming to be replaced. You generally need Rifleman as cannon fodders to absorb the heavy damage from those single target defenses. You can exchange tank with heavys. Pure Warrior Mix : This strategy lets you rush enemy bases with pure Warrior.

They destroy while restoring their HP. This is currently the most popular strategy among high level players. Weakest Link : It helps if you study the enemy player or NPC base if you look for the end of any defense chain. Those are usually your starting point to start attacking. The end of the chains typically get less coverage from other defense buildings. Clustered Defenses : Look out for enemy with defenses that are cluttered. This makes them weak in terms of barrage or artillery attacks.

Also, you can look for opportunities to see if you can simply bypass those defenses. Non-centered HQ : If the enemy base has a HQ to the side or back, that can present itself as an opportunity for you to attack and rush. Look for Mines : Sometimes when players know that their base is weak, they may in fact place mines at those weak spots. Look for mines as some subtle clues on where to strike. Attack Order : In general, you want to take out defense buildings that deal AoE damage such as the Mortar or Machine gun if you are using any kind of Rifleman.

And take out cannons first if you have heavy or tanks. Meatshield Covering : Always use tanks or heavies against Sniper towers or units that deal AoE damage. The matchmaking takes no consideration of your victory points nor level.

This means that if you want to successfully raid weaker players, you should raid less and only raid for the resources that you absolutely need to progress. One valid offensive strategy is to actually keep all PvP players on your map and only clear the NPC villages. In addition, you are more likely to receive much weaker opponents that can provide you with the resources you need when the time comes. When you are farming or raid attacking other players, always note and estimate that amount of losses that you may incur.

Never attack someone if you know you will just lose. Fight winning battles only if you want to keep on expanding to the next level.

Boom beach matchmaking tips

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