Christmas photo outfit ideas

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As you make new memories and enjoy family traditions, take time to treasure every moment of this season and capture it forever with a special photoshoot perfect for a custom Christmas card. Book a session with your favorite photographer, then take some time to consider what to wear for Christmas photos. Once you pick your outfits and snap some photos to capture this wonder of the season, put it on a personalized Christmas card to delight your friends and family. Cozy In Plaid. Christmastime may fall in the cold of winter, but there are still plenty of outdoor activities to enjoy with your family.

Bundle up in red and black plaid, paired with neutrals like gray and white, to be both cozy and fashionable for outdoor family photos, caroling and more. Source: Modern Eve. Christmas Party Attire. Source: Alicia Tenise. Sweet As Candy. Candy cane-inspired red and white stripes are a fun and classic look that is adorable on family Christmas cards.

Source: Photos By Maryanne. Keep It Simple. Wear a white blouse and a pair of red boots to capture the spirit of the holidays while keeping your feet warm and dry in the snow. Source: Lonestar Southern. Announcing Baby. Share the news with family and friends by including ultrasound photos in your family pictures. A floor-length gown will show off your bump, while a coordinating color scheme ties together the look for your entire family. Source: Emily Harris Photo. Play With Textures.

Christmastime is a great opportunity to play with textures and patterns in your outfit. Source: Lace and Locks. Classic Christmas Sweaters. When choosing what to wear for Christmas photos, look for a basic red cable knit or a simple de in just a few colors. Source: Coastal Confidence. Be Yourself. While looking for Christmas picture outfits online is a great place to start, the best way to look and feel your best is to simply be yourself.

Source: Style Pantry. Family Traditions. Family traditions—like leaving out cookies and milk for Santa—can provide great inspiration for these finishing touches. Source: Caressa Rogers. Holiday Sparkle. As twinkling lights go up around your neighborhood, remember that this is a season for sparkle! Glitter and metallics are an on-trend way to play up your personality when choosing what to wear for Christmas photos. Source: A Lacey Perspective.

Christmas as a Couple. For example, if one person wears a seasonal pattern or colors, the other can wear something neutral and warm so that neither of your outfits look too busy in pictures. Source: Extra Petite. Modern Yet Classic. If you pride yourself on being a fashionista, opt for Christmas outfit ideas that put a modern spin on a classic look. Here, structured sleeves provide a modern feel while the red pants and striped top keep it timeless. Bundle of Joy. Not sure how to dress your bundle of joy for the holidays? Source: Red Lotus Photography. Consider the Backdrop.

If your setting is already bright and seasonal, opt for neutral outfits that let your family shine. Source: Absolutely Bositively. Merry Menswear. Christmas is the perfect time for men to embrace fashion. Sweaters, overcoats and scarves in various patterns but complementary colors are a great way to dress your best this holiday season. Source: Classy Girls Wear Pearls. Matching Your Little One. Pick a particular item—like a plaid vest—that matches, then complete the rest of the outfit to fit your individual styles.

Source: Kiss Me Darling. Pretty in a Peacoat. Do you have a favorite peacoat that you love bundling up in throughout the winter season? Source: A Southern Drawl. A Touch of Gold. If your Christmas outfit is fairly neutral in color and patterns, take it up a notch with your accessories. Sparkly gold earrings, bangles and a watch dress up this red and white outfit in a stunning way. Source: Life To Lauren. Layer Up. Keep warm during Christmas photos by layering a cozy vest over red and black plaid.

Dark jeans and bright red boots complete the look perfectly. This will add a playful touch to your photos and look great on your personalized Christmas card. Source: Rachel Lately. Silver Bells. This sparkly silver skirt pairs beautifully with a soft cream sweater for a grownup take on Christmas outfit ideas.

Source: Sequins and Stripes. Dressed for Snow. Red boots and a knit beanie will look great in pictures for your Christmas cards and keep you warm as your photographer snaps away. Source: Daily Dose of Charm. Bold in Black Velvet. When everyone else is dressing up in red, green and white, you can stand out from the crowd by opting for a bold, all-black outfit. Look for velvety materials to keep your outfit winter-inspired. Source: Beauti Curve. Just Right in Red.

A solid red dress paired with neutral accessories is always just right for the holiday season. Source: Mirror Me. Mix and Match. This family mixes neutral sweaters with a bright coat and blue jeans with a sparkly skirt, yet they complement one another perfectly. Source: The Ivory Lane. Dark Colors in White Snow. Plan an outfit that layers a variety of dark, neutral patterns to contrast with the fluff and flakes around you. Source: Atlantic Pacific.

Christmas Chic. Formal clothes make for chic family Christmas photos and great luxury Christmas cards , but freezing temperatures can make this look hard to pull off outdoors. Instead, head to a local indoor studio and use fake snow to capture the magic of the season in your Sunday best—without shivering in the wind! Source: Anastasiia Photography. Room to Grow. Dress your little one up as a miniature snowman, then take some photos alongside an adorable plush character.

Next year, take another photo with the stuffed snowman to see how your babe has grown! Source: Beautiful Moments Photography. Sweetly Striped. Neutrals mix with a metallic gold for a look that is sweet, classy and perfect for the season. Source: Brighton The Day. Now that you have plenty of Christmas outfit ideas to choose from, book a photographer or grab a friend who is great behind the lens. Once you get the photos, spread some holiday cheer by sending Christmas photo cards to loved ones near and far. Shutterfly Community is here to help capture and share life's most important moments.

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Christmas photo outfit ideas

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Christmas Family Outfit Ideas