Couple conversation starters

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Conversations are channels to getting close, bonding and intimacy and the level of intimacy that exists is also what determines what can be shared. I mean they can just meet at the airport and start a conversation about something they heard in the news and that can set the ball rolling for a great combo. But for ladies, we tend to be careful, watch for a while, size the lady up before approaching a fellow lady for a conversation.

Imagine a meeting between a man and a woman in the scenarios painted above? It will take some level of maturity and self-awareness to be able to have a great meeting with their minds and intellect. Men and women generally seem to be occupied by different things. The reason I feel this post is necessary to make an alliance between members of the opposite gender easier and not feel like some hard work.

If that describes you, you are reading the right post. Sitting across the table with someone for the first time on a date can be a little uneasy as some questions cannot be asked and some conversations cannot be started. So what conversation starters for couples can you try out in this stage? And how can you make meaningful dialogues? Remember that the aim of these conversations is to communicate and is also not for knowledge sake only but to build intimacy.

You need to be free to share who you are regardless of if they will accept you or not. I remember in my dating years I used to have a hardcover note where I wrote a list of qualities I wanted in a mate and also a few conversation starters for couples in fact I still have that journal to date. And I must say it helped me a great deal. After the dialogue, does whatever they have said match with what they do? Do they follow through on what they say?

Does their actual lifestyle differ from what they say? Looking at it from another angle, there are sides you may never discover just by being told but by watching their actions. In most cases, you will discover other details as you get familiar. Little wonder most couples get married and are met with surprises.

Before I share some handpicked conversations for couples madly in love, please, note that you will notice that these conversation starters for couples are for different situations. Some should come at the beginning of your relationship while some should come later, study them to know which to use for a particular occasion and some will give you access to deep emotional responses. Did you experience failure in life? If yes, how did you manage to get back on your feet? If you could have any single person brought back to life for one hour, who would it be and what would you want to do or talk about?

During the holidays, what tradition from your family would you want to pass on to your children? Have you ever stayed friends with an ex, and how would you feel if I was still friends with mine? If we were to have kids, what would you want them to get from me and what would you want them to get from you? Which of these would you prefer — candlelight dinner on the beach or a 6-course meal at a five-star restaurant?

Have you ever tried counting how many licks it takes to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop? What did you see? Where are we going and what are we going to do there? What would you rather do for a date night, go to a fancy dinner, or attend a cooking class to teach us how to make a fancy dinner? These conversation starters for couples were handpicked to enable you to have an idea of the kind of questions to ask and how to ask them. If you mean to spend the rest of your life with this person then these questions are only the beginning point as there are so many things to know and discover as well.

Remember, you are two separate beings with different backgrounds and upbringing and to stay happily ever after, you need to get into each other and know about their birth, childhood days, what it was like being with their parents, the kind of environment they grew up, if their parents were polygamous, how they get along with their siblings, superstitious belief you can see the list keeps increasing. Do well to increase it by adding yours. Note also, that they are just conversation starters so you should go with the flow and add to it.

As a couple, you can even do well to create your own conversation starters for couples too. When next you want to discover something new about your mate or get to the heart of a particular issue, or maybe you just want to talk and share a good laugh with them, just reach for your own convo starters and it will not be a boring moment together. Author: Love Catalogue. Post. Next Post.

Couple conversation starters

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50+ Conversation Starters for Couples That are Effective