Dating someone who lives far away

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Some forums can only be seen by registered members. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with Search Forums Advanced. I'm testing out the online dating waters. One of my struggles is distance - how far should I set my radius. The biggest neighboring city to mine, by far, is about an hour away with little in between. But what does everyone here think? My existing radius is more like 30 miles, and I'd prefer less.

Here are my concerns with dating someone an hour away - am I nuts? I would love feedback. Maybe I am missing the bigger picture. I want someone who I can easily see after work during the week, for one example. Meet up for dinner, go to each other's places, that kind of thing. If that person lives an hour away, it becomes a two hour round trip that isn't feasible or convenient to make except on weekends.

While I don't need to see someone every day, if I'm dating someone an hour out, I'd probably only see her once or twice a month on the weekend. That's not enough. I wouldn't want a relationship that includes those kind of dates because distance prohibits meeting in person more as much as we'd like. It'd feel too much like a long distance relationship. I recently relocated myself for work and don't want to move again. Not to mention, with what I do for a living, where I am now is by far the best city to do it in my area.

The idea of moving and having an hour commute to where I am now isn't appealing. I guess in theory, the other person could re-locate here but that's a long ways down the road kind of thing. I'm not a big driver, and I live in a part of the country where driving can get very treacherous in the winter time.

Snow, ice, etc. That could make it harder to see someone during that time of year. Where I live now is a pretty decent sized city, so it's not like I'm in the middle of nowhere. I've been cautioned against putting myself in too little of a distance bubble. Gray Rider. No, I dont think it's too far. Unless you have something better to do. Originally Posted by Gray Rider. The forming of primary relationships is a three prong process, one is learning of the self, through your experiences with others in the context of relationships of various durations.

The second is learning of what you find acceptable in others. The third is, armed with the knowledge of the first two, figuring out if you with both thrive under the constraints you would place on each other in the context of a relationship.

It really is that simple. Bearing in mind, relationships are individually customized, you already gave a litany of reasons why a relationship with someone who is not immediately local is not for you. The world is a vast place, you already know, at least in part, some of the things that matter to you, stand by them, you will be much happier in the long run. Me, I am the master of distant dating. I prefer it, but that is for me, not you. Only you and the other person can determine if it's too far.

My husband then BF lived 90 minutes away. We dated for a year and half before moving in together. We spent weekends and one evening each week together. We talked on the phone daily this was before smartphones and texting. It worked out fine for us but everyone is different.

Based on your own list, no, you should not consider it. It's ok to know yourself and your own preferences. If you KNOW that pushing those limits will only bring you hassle later on, there's no need to do it. I had a 4 month long relationship with someone who lived 75 minutes away from me. She was worth it, but it was definitely hard and not for everyone. Regarding your specific concerns: 1 Depends on your comfort level. I saw my ex about once a week, often on weeknights, and did most of the driving myself.

Lots of late nights getting home. But I'm used to driving a lot, and it was an easy route. An hour on cruise control on a flat, empty freeway is very different from an hour of hellish traffic or narrow windy ro. I made the commitment to see my ex in person. If you want to stay where you are, it makes sense to date there. It's different to cancel a date when you're exclusive and attached to each other vs. Why don't you see how it goes with a 30 mile radius? If the pickings are slim, you can reevaluate. I don't think one hour is too far. Where I live, there is so much traffic that it can easily take 1 hour to go 15 miles during busy times.

I think if you met the right woman, you would not mind the 1 hour drive at all. Taking way too much of your time making a list of "Cons". Forget the list and just go for it. See what matches you get and who catches your eye.

Just put in the 60 mile radius or mile or whatever and see who comes up. Then, take it from there. See if you click. IMO, an hour or even a little more wasn't an issue. Finding the right person was the goal, and I needed to look that far to find the best matches even though I lived close to a large city and huge metro area.

A couple of good matches weren't far at all, but just didn't work out. If you are just starting this, keep your closer radius. If you don't encounter the matches you hope for, expand. I was able to telecommute, so once things got more intense, I could spend most of the week at her place. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U. Posting Quick Reply - Please Wait.

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Dating someone who lives far away

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