Define crack house

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These buildings are usually abandoned or have owners who showed no interest in their tenants, and if people living in them distribute drugs, they will be frequented by a variety of visitors seeking them. Generally, the law defines what constitutes a crack house and can take specific action against either the owners or tenants of these buildings.

Different regions have different laws that define how a crack house is legally addressed. In the UK, the Anti-social Behaviour Act empowered law enforcement and the judicial system to treat crack houses in a of ways from a legal perspective.

When the home is closed, people entering it are automatically charged with a crime. Similar laws in the U. They also hold owners of those homes responsible in a criminal way for allowing soliciting or production to occur on their premises. This act has extended beyond the traditional definition of crack house. It was also meant to target drug distribution at events like raves. Theoretically, any facility on which drugs are either made or distributed might be considered a crack house, and the owners of that facility could be held responsible.

The U. In , there was talk of attempting to clamp down on drug use at Reed College because two students died by heroin overdose in a single year and the college had a reputation for looking the other way on the issue of student drug use. A yearly festival at the school, which was known for a ificant amount of drug use, led law enforcement officials to consider whether they could expand the definition of crack house to the whole of the college campus, and the notion of charging the school administrators with running a crack house was entertained.

In the end, the school was not charged with any wrongdoing and the festival appeared to show little s of drug abuse. Principally in urban neighborhoods, crack houses are part of urban blight and a dangerous element of living in many poorer communities.

Organized citizen groups have attempted to rid their neighborhoods of these houses, which pose a danger to themselves and their families. Despite laws that are attempted to ban the existence of crack houses and to cut down on drug manufacturing and distribution, cities may lack the willpower or the resources to get rid of these illegal gathering places.

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Define crack house

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