First spanking story

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Hi, I am Alpha. I am pursuing my higher degree. I have written and listen some of the spanking stories. This spanking story which I am posting is true story of my life. When I was studying in my higher school, I was leaving on a rent. My parents were abroad. The landlord of the house was a lady. She was nice, pretty, imposing and strict lady. Her name was Demetra. She was of 26, unmarried and leaving alone. When I went to leave with her, I became very happy to see such a beautiful lady. She also became happy to see me as she got someone whom she can talk and impose her rules.

At night on the dinner table, she tells me some rules of the house. I eagerly listen all the rules and if someone breaks the rules or disobey her, she will gave them punishment. After dinner, we went to our rooms. To link to this sex story from your site - please use the following code:. Home Home. Stories Members Authors. Log In Up. Make me: Visible to all Visible to friends Invisible to everyone Online - available to chat Away - unavailable to chat. Our community has , members , 3, online now , 94 in chat rooms. Latest Forum Posts:.

Lush. Submit Story Random Story . Hide Ad. The next morning, we began our work. This continued for a week. She also helped me in my study. She see everyday what has been taught in the school. We became very friendly. She always wear a short dress. Her dress ends at her thigh and many times I can see her panty and smooth curves of her bottom.

She too have a nice boobs. I want to touch her boobs and her buttocks with my hand. When she hug me, I can feel the muscle of her boob. I want to see her naked. One day, I disobey her for something. At night, after dinner she called me in her room and scold me for disobeying her. Next morning is as usual. After some days, I came home late at night and crossed the danger limit of When I came, she asked me the reason for the late and again scold me.

Now, utmost she scold me everyday as I break her some rules. She sometimes gave me slaps or sometimes asked me to do 20 times ups and downs. She knows that but although she is giving me punishment to make me a good boy. One day, I again came home late night and disobeyed her. Next day is a holiday. We were at home. After breakfast, she told me to get ready to get the booster dose. I got shocked.

I have never received a spanking in my life. But, she ordered to get ready fastly as if were late I will get extra. She told me follow her. We both went to her bedroom. She told me to stay there for some minutes as she is coming within a minute by changing her dress. When she came after changing her dress, she is looking more beautiful. She is wearing a black dress which starts from her boobs and ends at her ass or pussy. I was staring her but she ignored me.

My cock started to become hardened and I want to fuck her. She asked me take out a black bag from under her bed. When I taken it out she asked me to open it out and bring out all the things from it. When I opened, I was shocked.

I knew that today is my worst day. The bag contains paddle, rulers, different types of canes, whips and many other things for spanking. She asked me to undress my clothes. I hesitated to undress my clothes in front of her. She unzipped my pants. My pants fell around the ankles when she unzipped them. But, she ordered me to down my panties too. As I down my panties, my hard cock sprung out. Once she touched it but she ignored and I lay quickly on her lap as I want to get it over fastly.

As I lay on her lap my cock rested gently against her smooth skin of her thigh. She first gave me some lectures on naughtiness. She asked me to take my punishment quietly. As the hard smack of the ruler fell on my bare bottom, I fell very bad. At first, I tried to take it silently but it hurts to much. I was crying out with pain. I beg her to stop. She stopped for a moment. She caressed my bum and feel the rising heat from my buttocks. She started paddling me and when she stopped, my bottom were light crimson. I beg her to stop as it hurts too much. She told by caressing my bottom that spanking is supposed to be hurt.

She ordered me stood up and let my pants and nickers fell on the floor. I embarrassingly stepped out from my pants and nickers. She took one of the rattan cane and started testing its flexibility. She asked me bend at the end of the bed to get the punishment. I get into position and asked her when will it over.

First spanking story

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First Spanking