Fort drum ny sex on the side

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But what had happened seemed unimaginable. She was saying that Trevino had been sexually molesting her for years. How could her husband be capable of it? See multimedia, including the series overview, video and links to more stories. Trevino, also 35, had come home from Iraq last October, like thousands of other soldiers, to cheers and applause and a family overjoyed to have him back.

But six months later, he was a suspect, then a fugitive and finally a convicted sex offender whose family wanted nothing to do with him. He was sentenced to six years in prison. Sergeant Trevino? He made remarks about women so denigrating that they gave even infantrymen pause, they said. And although Trevino had soldiers to his house for barbeques, he was often a violent, punishing presence, some of his former comrades said. Trevino, Johnson said, enjoyed choking soldiers until they passed out, practicing hand-to-hand combatives training. It was a weird environment. One time, Johnson said, Trevino, then his platoon sergeant, ordered him to beat up another soldier.

The military is very clueless. But Crystal ended up alone in her ordeal. The Army, she said, turned out to be less than helpful. Crystal said Trevino left her a note, prompting her to flee with the children to a hotel. She was terrified he might come for them. She phoned the base. Trevino had a shotgun with him, she said, that the military authorities had somehow let him bring from home. He turned himself in after three days, according to newspaper s and police detectives.

Crystal knew her husband had anger problems. He just yelled. The family had ups and downs. In the early years, money was tight. The teenager has told Crystal she pretended to sleep through the assaults. She never told anyone. The abuse happened frequently, according to the teenager, after Crystal went off to work her thrice-weekly 7 a. His truck was running. When Trevino returned from Iraq in October, the girl hoped the abuse would not recur. And for six months, he stayed away, the teenager said. But when Trevino did it again, she said, she realized she had to say something.

Over and over in her mind, Crystal has asked herself if she had missed any s of abuse. She would believe them, she always said, because it had happened to her when she was young. Crystal and the children have moved away from Fort Drum, back home to Maryland. They go to counseling, take antidepressants and, all things considered, say they are doing well. Crystal is in the process of divorcing Trevino. When it came time for her to tell the judge what sort of punishment she believed her husband warranted, Crystal remembered taking her daughter to the hospital for a rape exam.

The were scientific, irrefutable, inexcusable. News Coming home Sexual assault conviction a shocking end to military career by Nancy Montgomery. Crystal and John Trevino in the summer of Photo courtesy of Crystal Trevino. Nancy Montgomery.

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Fort drum ny sex on the side

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Sexual assault conviction a shocking end to military career