Go dutch on a date

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Dating can be tricky enough without wondering who should pay on the date. Should the guy take care of the check, or should the girl pick up the tab? Should they take turns, or should they simply split it and go Dutch? Read on to find out what they had to say! According to me, the check should be split. That worked for my husband and I. We both worked equally hard, so why should his money be valued any less. Sometimes he would pay, and sometimes I would.

Mostly we would just split it. Then there is no room for any obligation or awkwardness! So, I used to follow the one-bill-me-one-bill-him rule. We found it was the easiest way to keep track and avoid any squabbles over money. Takeout was taken care of by the person whose house we were at, and the other person would bring the drinks…so pretty even there too! Sometimes us, sometimes them.

We take turns paying the bill. Neither had his friends, except the ones in the US. In fact, on my first date, he picked up the tab at the restaurant. Nothing weird about it at all. When you are close to someone, make it a habit of paying sometimes and letting him pay at other times. Once though, my date travelled all the way from a different city, so I paid for lunch.

I personally prefer going Dutch, or picking up the tab in turns. My husband always wanted to pay, even though I offered to pay each time. When we started dating, I was earning twice as much as my boyfriend, so I usually paid for both of us without batting an eyelid, but it really bothered him! Then he got a promotion and a raise, after which he insisted on paying every time we went out. Once the initial fun wore off, I insisted on splitting the tab every time we went out.

Dutch or alternate, it should never be just one person. They mostly refuse the offer. Maybe you can buy him something he needs or get movie tickets without letting him know. The idea is to contribute equally.

I always like to pay the bill. Sometimes, it feels nice to be treated though. If you are living in, or are married, you can pay from a t . And I have received a lot of flak from my girlfriends for doing so, as they feel I should let the guy pay—if not for me, at least for himself. As long as neither of you make a big deal of it in the end. Dutch always, of course. But both the partners should be comfortable with the budget of the place. For example, if one partner is rich and the other is from a middle-class background, then it could become a budget issue.

But, if the partner who is more well-off decides on a 5-star property, better let them pay. Today, women are working and earning money. This has got nothing to do with feminism or gender bias. In the past, men were the sole earners and had all the spending power. So, it was usually the guy who paid.

I feel this is better so that there is no ill feeling. You can enjoy, without any strings attached or any obligations. He or she or dutch or anything is fine if one is in a comfortable with each other. The same goes for when paying for plane tickets and vacations. If you are not in a relationship, go Dutch.

If you are in a relationship then the rules are more relaxed. If he has asked me out, he pays the bill. If I have asked him out, I pay the bill. Dutch normally. But whenever my man plans a date, he pays, and when I plan a date, I pay. We never really keep a track as we pay whenever we feel like. If one of us is facing a shortage of money, we ask the other to pay, and even force each other to pay at times, haha! Who do you feel should pay on a date?

Please share with us in the comments below! To be a part of them, the tribe here. Related Stories. Features Videos. Bollywood Television Hollywood Videos. Better Living. Malini's World. Always Go Dutch 1. Always split the bill! Makes things easier and uncomplicated. Always split the bills!

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Go dutch on a date

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