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Before getting her hair braided in late June, model Salem Mitchell had a long, wavy weave. You might have caught her with it in her stunning Savage X Fenty campaign. As many may know, leave-outs, a small section of natural hair that is straightened to help blend the weave, are about as volatile on a hot day as a scoop of ice cream, and this summer has been day after day of scorchers that have even made me want to shave off all my hair.

As a model, Mitchell's hair is constantly being touched and styled with heat and products she doesn't typically use. She points out that braids give her a break not only from styling, but from constantly stressing about her hair looking perfect. Having braids removed some of the pressure that I have around my hair because they are already done every single morning. Elle Turner. Turns out, more people on the Internet were paying attention to Mitchell than she knew. She came to this realization recently after posting pictures of herself on Instagram while she was at the beach.

Because humidity hasn't worked well with her hair in the past, these were the first pictures she took at the beach in a while. Just little things like that really made my day — not worrying about the wind as much and not worrying about my hair sticking to my lip gloss. In order to see this embed, you must give consent to Social Media cookies. Open my cookie preferences.

Amongst the praise for the gorgeous photo, someone wrote, "What with these ghetto people Vogue been showing lately is not vogue at all. In response, Mitchell felt compelled to discuss the situation on her Instagram Story and explain why comments like these are so problematic and upsetting. Everything about what I look like is considered 'trendy' in the media and in fashion right now," she wrote before listing off her freckles , braids, and big lips.

Mitchell would like to make the message loud and clear using her platform that braids are more than just a protective style. Unfortunately, the rude commenter is not the only one who thinks this terrible way. Mitchell experienced this type of response to braids back in high school, showing just how deeply these negative attitudes towards hairstyles typically worn by black women actually run.

That sentiment stuck with her as years went on and she eventually ed to a modeling agency. She was even scared that clients would turn her down because of her braids. Luckily, having braids hasn't drastically affected Mitchell's career so far. If anything, she says they just change up what hairstylists can do to her hair. Because it's a protective style that can't be curled or straightened, they have to work with what she has. To prove it, she recently produced a photoshoot with one of her friends who is a photographer, Ira Chernova. The can be seen throughout this interview. When she had a weave, she says she couldn't put her hair up because the style would expose its tracks.

Now, she can pull her hair away from her face and put it in an updo. Hopefully, the photo shoot provides more representation and inspiration for others looking to rock a protective style for the summer, too. As Mitchell points out, braids — which have been worn throughout history and have huge cultural ificance throughout the African diaspora — still aren't as normalized as, say, straight hair.

Women's pain is seldom taken seriously. Two classic hairstyles collide. And you're not bossy, you're just damn good at your job. Gallery List. Gallery Grid. Afro Hair All the beautiful afro inspiration you could possibly need. View this post on Instagram. Afro Hair The 50 best products you need to care for textured and afro hair, according to the experts. As women call for better IUD pain relief, here's every question you have about the contraceptive device, answered. As women call for better IUD pain relief, here's every question you have about the contraceptive device, answered Women's pain is seldom taken seriously.

We said FreeBritney, and they freed Bill Cosby. What will it take for women to be believed? How much louder must we shout until our voices are heard? The negative labels for totally normal human behaviours that we need to ditch ASAP because actually, being 'emotional' is what makes you human And you're not bossy, you're just damn good at your job.

Hot ghetto black girls

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Model Salem Mitchell is sick of black women's hairstyles being labelled "Ghetto"