How to fuck thai girls

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Of course, you want. And you should :. And you have come to the right place. Look somewhere else for temples and food. But to have sex with Thai girls, this is your guide. You have sex with Thai girls the exact same way you have sex with all other women :.

But these tips will help you to maximize your potential. And white men traveling to Southeast Asia enjoy a huge bump in their sexual market value. But most foreigners will have a big SMV-bump. So much so, that moving to countries like Thailand is one of the best sexual market-value hacks.

To summarize it all in simpler words: when you land in Thailand, you become more attractive. If you are average, you are the equivalent of an attractive man. And if you are a high value man , your sexual market value goes through the roof. Yes, contrary to what most bitter Western women say, money is only one reason why white men are popular. As a matter of fact, I probably spent more money in Europe for dating than in Thailand.

For many women, white men are also a status symbol. You will hear a few women, and this is true across East Asia as well, that have never slept with a local and proudly swear they would never do such a thing -up to you what to think about that-. Men who fail to realize their increased value miss a lot of opportunities. Limitation : Yes, you get a huge boost, but keep in mind that Thailand is one of the most popular destinations in the world.

Bangkok is the 1 most visited city in the world. While some foreigners are clueless about their value boost with Thai women, some get heady with it. Differentiate yourself from these fools: understand the difference between a high-quality man and a jerk. A high-quality man is knowledgeable of his value, moves fast, and demands respect. But also respects people and women and gives her a good time.

They have plenty of arrogance and conceit but little to show for it, which makes them entitled pricks. They will attract some Thai girls because arrogance can be attractive to women, but they will repel the highest quality Thai girls.

Indeed one of the reasons white men do well with Thai girls is because of the cultural dominance and the romanticized image that the locals have of the west. Part of that image are power and income. Both are well represented by suits, ties, and a well-put-together clothing. I remember being out with a friend in Thailand who wanted to meet up with a nurse he was seeing. I was with him and his girl was somewhere else with a girlfriend. So it seemed like a good fit.

Typical of Thai girls, she asked him to send them my picture. He did. Her reply? My friend seemed even slightly jealous. But there was nothing to be jealous. The only thing I had going on for me was an awesome white shirt in a world of ugly T-shirts.

In Summary : if you want to sleep with lots of Thai girls, dress like someone who sleeps with lots of girls ie. As per the point above, a couple of pictures where you are well dressed, ideally looking cool and powerful with a suit and tie. I have met a few women who were not sure whether to meet me or some other guy and then chose me. Always the curious and investigative type that I am, I asked to see the profiles and conversations of those guys. I was shocked at how hunk-like some of them were. Rugby players, big gym types and plainly handsome men. But I had well-dressed pictures.

Again, this is not the West. In Summary : to have sex with lots of Thai girls, take pictures in good clothes, and cast your net wide with dating apps. One of the advantages that foreign men enjoy in Thailand is that they are almost automatically considered sexier than local men.

That means, in practice, that you can allow yourself to move faster. In Summary : meet up, and aim to go straight to your place. Daniel Pink, the author of Drive , explains what money does to relationships. If you spend money on Thai girls, you move from sexy foreigner to well-off foreigner who has to bankroll them. Avoid it. Cut off the women who ask you for stuff and stick with the women who like you for who you are.

After you got together, then you can feel free to also invite them out if you want. Exception : if you are very rich or can spend freely without a care. Then that can be very attractive and dominant and feel free to go down that road. And now we go back to the question of value here: if you take full advantage of your high-value status, you have lots of options. Simply next the gold digger s and time wasters. In Summary : to sleep with Thai girls, ruthlessly cut through the time-wasters to focus solely on the many ones who want to sleep with you.

Somewhat, I would probably place Thai girls below Koreans -who enjoy bigger bosoms- and Kazakh -who enjoy the mix of high Mongolian cheekbones and white Russians beauty-. However, you fully realize how important breasts are when you find yourself with a really flat-chested woman. Completely flat is totally different than small breasts.

And Thai girls, often thin, also have a higher incidence of flat chests than other nationalities. Some of them keep a bra anyway so you might miss on it. And, like many other Asian women, the incidence of flat asses is far higher than among white women and, obviously, than among black women.

Not my type. But I know some guys who like it. PC mode off: Thai women tend to be low-quality girls. Thai girls tend not to be particularly well learned and driven. Since they are traditional and at the service of their men, they place low value on achievement and personal development. Their English is also extremely poor. A few times I met a woman from online dating only to find out she was talking through a translator and could not speak English. Of course, please, never forget this is a vast generalization and that in dating, as for most things in life, exceptions abound.

Thai girls have very traditional roles and they see themselves as supporters of the male figure. And Thai girls in bed tend to be more submissive -and passive-. There is this idea among some white men that Thai girls expect dating to lead to something serious. Sometimes you will meet a more traditional girl though and, because of a less than ideal verbal communication, a misunderstanding might happen. You can hint to it, say it straight up, talk about your travel plans, or even be open about your other Tinder and Line chats. They will see it and understand:.

One of you is bound to fall, and to want to more. I am as well in many ways. Yet, Thai girls are also addicted to pictures. There are few women in Thailand who are fat. The Thai girls are awesome, both in personality and body, including great chest and booties. Looks like Thai guys really like thin :. But that might be misleading: Thai girls are quite extreme in their distribution when it comes to short-term sex disposition. Indeed, as much as there are many easy-to sleep with women, there are also far more reserved and sexually inexperienced women than in the West.

You need more social circles to meet more reserved and more wife-material Thai girls. Day game is also good, but you need to be good at overcoming the strong initial resistance of more conservative and shier women. Thai girls are awesome and Thailand is fantastic. But, as for anything, there are pros and cons. But much harassment for hustlers, pimps, and anyone selling anything. Some will even honk at you if you refuse to look at them.

And all rickshaw and tuk-tuk drivers seem to think every white man needs a lift. There are many of them, and many of them are distinguishable from women.

How to fuck thai girls

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7 Steps to Sleep With Thai Women (Easy Sex)