Inflatable golf driving net

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This is a game changer for all golf professionals. Our Inflatable Giant Driving Net is state-of-the-art when it comes to transportable, full-swing driving cages. Simply plug in the blower, and you have an instant super cage for lessons or swing analysis. This driving golf net blows up in seconds and is a real attention getter. Great for demonstrating many sports, this all encompassing sport-net is durability tested. If you have an event where you want to be able to take full swings with real golf balls or BirdieBalls in a comfortable environment, then this is it.

The Giant Driving net is completely customizable using a velcro banner system. Velcro on the structural supports makes it easy to customize this with your own banner for your own events. Standard four foot banners with "male" Velcro affixes easily in six different places and covers the BirdieBall logos if desired. The net is deed to be removable and has two layers of super tough netting to catch balls from even the fastest club-head speed.

The netting is placed in front of the back columns to protect them from the impact of the golf balls. The two-layer net is removable. When installed, the removable two layer net is backed by an additional two layer net which is part of the net's structure. If you have an off-site golf event that needs to have some attention drawn to it, then this configuration will do it. You can use the Giant Driving Net on its own, or in conjunction with some of our other fun inflatables.

Giant Driving Net Dimensions. It has been the perfect supplement for practice our short game while courses are closed. These birdie balls feel just like golf balls, but don't go nearly as far. I use them mostly for chipping but like to get full strokes on them too. Great product! Close menu. Putting Greens. Start Building Help Me Choose. Shop Packages. Shop Accessories. Shop BirdieBalls. About Our Product Features. Our Technology. Log in. Instagram Facebook YouTube Twitter.

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Inflatable golf driving net

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Inflatable Golf Driving Net