Lambretta frame number dating

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A breif description and details of all the Italian Innocenti Lambretta models. Parts supply, restoration, and information stems mainly from two Italian specialists. We stock a very small selection of parts for the model A, which can be found by clicking here. The model B gear change was now on the handle bars, a feature to stay with the rest of the Lambretta models ever made. Facts Engine Sizes - cc Power Output - 4. Starting with the C, the basis of all Lambretta frames would be made of tube. Parts supply is quite a but better then the earlier machines. Model D is a better option if you want to ride it!

To view the parts we stock for these models, . The LC was the first Lambretta to feature full sized legshields and side panels. On this and the LD, the L stood for Luxury due to the mentioned panel work. LD is a better option if you want to ride it! The D can be quite confusing to identify as three different versions were available. The Model D and LD were also among th first versions that were made outside Italy as Innocenti sold for production around the world. Notes :- 3 speed, hand gear change by teleflex cable. Changes from the Mk1 version were :- Rear brake was now operated by cable instead of a rod.

Notes :- It is thought a very small of "third series" D models were made, but s were under Parts supply is good for trims, badge and resotration parts, not so good for engine parts or bodywork, having said that engines are normally good for 30, to 50, miles.

The LD like the Model D can be quite confusing to identify as three different versions were available. Of these three versions the Mark 2 and 3 could also be brought as the LDA, which was an electric start version. Finally the LD also had another version from the French Troyes factory. Identify the Mk1 The mark 1 was only available in cc and featured two round port holes on the side panels.

Identify the Mk2 The mark 2 featured an inside legshield tool box, the horn was below the headlight. Identify the Mk1 The mark 3 did not have an inside legshield tool box, the speedo and horn was housed in a casting that sat on top of the handle bars. The French LD can be distigished by the position of the fuel and choke levers. These exsit the frame near the feet instead of between the seats on the Italian made models. Also seat covers were rubber, and small changes to badges were made.

The French made Ld was largely always based on the Mk2 version. Parts supply is good for trims, badge and restoration parts, quite a lot of body work is being remade, but supply not so good for engine parts, having said that engines are normally good for 30, to 50, miles.

The E model featured a hand operated pull start. Not many exist now as the pull start was inherant with problems, most models were subsequently converted to kick start. Facts Engine Sizes - cc Power Output - 3. Hand start by pull cord. Parts supply is hard with most items needing to be sourced via Italy, although some parts are interchangeable with the Model D.

We Say For collectors only. The F version was basically an Model E, but with the troublesome pull start replaced by a kick start. The Series one was the first to feature a chain drive. All subsequent Lambretta models adapted this principal.

These models also began the feature of having the handle bar or heet cast in alloy instead of the earlier model "motorcylce" type bars. Identify the The version had polished alloy handle bar housings, alloy channels with rubber inserts on the top.

All forks, hubs, dampers, etc were also painted in the same colour as the body. Identify the TV Kick start was in the centre of the engine casing, front dampers, 70mph speedo, dual seat as standard. The series one Li, is the first of the Lambrettas that can be easily modified for both performance, style, accessories or what ever takes your fancy.

Parts supply is excellent We Say TV1 for collectors only, Li Series one, great classic looks, and little larger and heavier then the later models, but easy to ride, and repair. The Series two was pretty much identical to the Series ones except the head lamp was now in a larger head set housing. This turned as you turned the steering, unlike the S1 which faced forwards which ever way the handle bars were.

Identify the TV Front dampers, 70mph speedo, different front hub back plate featuring a peg instead of a slot for location, dual seat fitted as standard. Two ranges of frame s were produced for the TV2. The first batch, Innocenti found a weakness in the main frame, they recalled all models and adapted machines on the production line. They did this by cutting the frame directly in half along three quarters of its lenght, and welded in a strenghening plate.

Parts supply is excellent We Say As with the S1 Lambrettas, the S2 follow on with exactly the same classic looks but with the headlight in the heet, also little larger and heavier then the later models, but easy to ride, and repair. The Series three and all subsequent models were nick named the slim style.

Identify the The version had polished alloy handle bar housings. Parts supply is excellent We Say You cant go wrong with an Li series 3. The Li special gained the looks from the TV family of models, but retained the and engine size options from the Li, but with more power. The Special is sometimes known or called an SX Technically this is not an SX as the frame s are always Li, and there is no X badge on the scooter, but as this ran along with the and SX models, some people do call them SX Originally the was not imported into the UK, buyt many private imports can now be found.

Identify the The was available in a few different editions. Parts supply is excellent We Say Has that 's style, and looks of the more desirable models, but with prices that are more realistic. The TV series three came equiped with front disc brake for both the cc and cc versions. Later models then came with the style as in the photo on the left. Identify the TV Lambretta concessionaires convinced Lambretta Innocenti to produce a cc model due to customer demand for more power and speed. Later versions were available on home Italian and other markets. TV models are one of the most desirable to own, The in standard engine guise was possible the smoothest Innocenti ever made.

Parts supply is excellent We Say TV prices are astronomical, better to buy a different model and spend the vast difference on making the scooter fast and reliable. TV's are worth a look if you want standard engine performance and the looks. The Special X project was started by Innocenti to de a model with a look of more quality and attention to detail.

Notes :- 4 Speed Identify the The retained the looks from the previuos Special model, but gained an X badge. Identify the The version had a different shaped side panel, with a more pointed flash with built into them. Innocenti brought in the de house Bertonie to completely re de the GP range. The most modified Lambretta in terms of performance and customisation you cab get. Parts supply is excellent, We Say Check GP machines are real, the difference in frame identities is one , but the value is massive.

Buy a or model, and spend the massive saving on performance that will run rings around a standard any way! Forget stories of poor Indian quality, as most Italian machines will have Indian parts fitted some where now! Take each machine on its individual basis, as well looked after Indian machines could be a better value buy then a bodged Italian machine. The J range was the baby of the Lambretta models, and was primarily deed for ladies, being lightweight and using smaller stretch levers.

One piece monocoque frame work went away from the more traditional tubular frame. Notes :- The J range did not sell as well as hoped. Today not many parts can be brought for the J range, trims badges brakes, clutch etc. As the race to be the first person on the moon gathered pace, Innocenti's new model was launched, the Luna range Luna meaning silver moon.

All models were 3 speed. Lambretta also made quite a range of 38 and 50cc step through models. Facts These were the smallest engine Lambretta produced, and in a strong would need exhaust power to keep it moving! Many plastic parts were used on later models, including engine covers, headlight, and petrol tank Two speed, fully automatic, this model even featured a lever which reduced exhuast compression by moving the exhaust valve, for ease of starting.

Chain driven, but not enclosed as per usual, encased by a chain guard, spoked wheels with trailing links were other features of the 'Lambrettiono' as the model was known. Only a handful of these models probably exist in the UK, brought in by private collectors We Say Collectors only, you can run faster then these mopeds.

We do not stock any moped parts. Innocenti always produced a three wheeled commercial vehicle along side their two wheeled scooters. The amount of models and options was vast. Lambro three wheelers For more information on the Lambro models, we suggest you visit this as the amount of Lambro models made was as vast as the two wheeled scooters.

Lambretta frame number dating

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