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For the first time in his long career of starring mice, ducks, fairy tale and fantasy characters and tall rugged frontiersmen some live and some drawn Disney has discovered a glamor girl. A live and lively one is she, with green eyes, wild reddish hair she cuts herself and lines so sexy I'm sure a Disney studio cartoonist wouldn't dare draw them during working hours. Except maybe as surreptitious ad libs on a doodling pad when Uncle Walt-wasn't look ing. No, she didn't drop the "e" off her last name because of a Munroe named Marilyn.

Janet was born without the "e" 24 years ago in Blackpool, England. But she was born with everything else for Hollywood stardom, including a pixie face sprinkled with freckles and a comedian father, Alex Munro, who taught iier the tricks of show business while she worked in his English variety show act from the age of 7 to Her first starring movie is "Darby O'Gill and the Little People," a fanciful all live-action story of love and leprechauns upsetting a small town in southern Ireland. Janet picked it up in just half an hour talking to an Irish friend, on her way to audition along with other girls, for Disney when he was in London recently.

The of Katie O'Gill candidates was cut to 50, then to three, who were screen tested. Janet won the role, and the Disney contract, and now she's in Hollywood making the film, missing her hubby of a year English actor Tony Wright and finding herself wide-eyed over the wonders of the Yankee Doodle way of life.

Not to forget her excitement about attending the recent Academy Award Oscar show. There's nothing wrong with my feet but those salesmen! She has also appeared in three English movies, none of which has yet appeared on this side of the Atlantic. The lady has a delightful sense of humor, as her parting words attested. She made the polar hop to keep her l camera date with Disney and "saw nothing. Two other youngsters were burned, one critically.

The survivors were dragged out of the inferno by neighbors, some of whom formed a human chain, entered the building' and nassed the children hand-to-hand. Edward Knight, a neighbor who turned in the 'first alarm, said: "I could hear them screaming in there. The children were in a back bedroom. But they wouldn't have known which way to go anyway. Chester Wizikowski said the fire apparently was started by an overheated kerosene heater in a first-floor bedroom. I'M AWL". This wasn't Cheyenne or Maverick or Sugarfoot or even Colt.

They were making the first film for a new TV series called Laramie. Starring as a veteran frontier lawman was John Russell, himself' the veteran of another TV series. Soldiers of Fortune. His eagerbeaver assistant was young Peter Brown. And if you can judge by past performance on the Warners Westerns, thei two will be bis zing guns side by side through dozens of films.

He knew that when the next gunfighter" challenged him it might be his last fight. But actors like to eat. And he reported that returns from the Soldiers of Fortune reruns are not enough to live on. He made the deal five years ago, when actors didn't get as much money as they do today. Warners seems to have no wor-r! Cheyenne, Maverick and Sugarfoot have been doing fine ir the audience ratings, and Colt. The studio says the first three are renewed through the summer and into the fall, and Colt will next season after skipping the hot weather.

Laurence E. Smarden told Denver University's annual Family Relations Conference that more and more couples are giving each other the silent treatment. Wives don't want to talk about relatives and most husbands refuse to discuss finances, Smarden said. What both mates wish they could discuss but don't dare- are: hubby's occupation, religion, unpleasant personality traits in the other and sports.

Smarden said he picked these facts up in a recent survey he made under auspices of Cornell University. Hawk- shaw Hawkins entered an amateur contest in his hometown of Huntington, W. Later the lankv Hawkins went over to Wheeling and won two pop ularity contests ana a starring spot on a network radio show. A singer and writer of songs.

Hawkins is often referred to as " 'leven yards of personality" and has developed into a great favorite in the country music field. He is known as a top showman and singer with the Grand Ole Opry and has a bullwhip act which Is a show in itself.

She must have electric responses and a wide range of emotions. I suppose we're actually iooKing for a younger Vivien Leigh, a girl of great beauty, power and emotional resources. In the search for a Cathv. Suss kind and others studied the films of many British and European actresses practicallv unknown in this country. Finally they found the eirl they wanted, and she arrived in America for the first time just two weeks ago. Durinsr her first few days here she' was ' undecided whether she was more : thrilled by the role of Cathy or.

The tremendous speed of driving! These terrific cars! It's all so much larger than life. As for the role of Cathy,' In which she will star opposite Richard Burton as Heathcliff "Cathy is a fascinating character because she is drawn from within. Maria Schell; also cartoon and latest news. The mayor of New York no longer presides over the city courts, but he still can sit on the bench as committing magistrate.

The late Mayor LaGuardia often did. She has had wide experience in the theater, films and on British television. John's Catholic school to capture preferably alive a squirrel that had bitten two students. Authorities wanted to test it for rabies. For 35 minutes the squirrel taunted his pursuers, darting around parked cars, through traffic, in and out of trees.

In the end, the squirrel outfoxed himself. As the firemen leaned a ladder on a tree to go after him, the squirrel tried to leap to a safer perch, missed and ran under an automobile. He was pulled out from under the hood but not before he chewed through a generator wire. Now, it seems, the paintings are going to give Chicago a brushoff. The institute, in rejecting an offer to exhibit the former British prime minister's 35 oil paintings, rated Churchill an amateur with, a brush.

Director Daniel Catton Rich said the institute did not feel that Churchill's work "rates as professional. It later will be shown in Providence, R. He never says a word, and he certainly ignores what they're saying! Continuous Open Sfso'p. Continuous Complete Shows at Try it free. Get access to this with a Free Trial.

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