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This section is online for reference only. No new content will be added. Go to Current Forums Bucur Unrecorded Date Hi folks what is your view of Somaliland becoming separate state from the rest of Somalia?. What are the pro's and cons for it? I guess this is sensitive issue-- kind of forbidden fruit, but don't we all have saying. Let us try to do it in good style. Bucur 5Farood Unrecorded Date let them do what they want, if they don't want be part of Somalia thats their choice. For me i'll never go and live in Somaliland beacuse i hate that place therfore if they separate from us thats fine to me maydhane Unrecorded Date let me tell you mr 5frood Somaliland is not a part of banadir or a region as you may think it was a soveriegn country before you and it will be for ever.

The people of Somaliland have decied their own political and economical future stability while you are still in the darkness i hope you and ask allaah to stand yourself and be a nation like Somaliland who come together talked to each other and solved their differences without interferance from the outside world they wo'nt ask any one to think about. Before you talk about Somaliland let yours be solved and be stable as soamliland did. Somaliland will alway be without fear and favour maydhane true somalilander!!!!!!!!!

If it is clanims, I think it is very wrong reason as clan never makes nation. Also if the people of Somaliland are angry of what Siyad Barre did to them, why do they think they were the only victims of Siyad Barre's atrocities. Why not the Majeerteen's also demand separate nation? Why are they behaving so militantly while other Somalis are willing to reconcile and forgive what happened yesterday and go on.

Another question, I have heard somebody saying that Somaliland existed as a separate nation way before the Europeans came. Is this a fact or what?. Some true lights please! I really feel sorry for you.. Timacadde Unrecorded Date Somaliland! What a stupid and ridiculous name. As one I really have nothing against division of Somalilands into mini clanlands if that is what the people in those lands want, it is their choice any way. But something which can't get into my head and many times makes me even lough loud is the name taken by north Somalia-- "Somaliland".

What names should we call the rest of Somalia?. Chinalands or what? Why can't they just call that part of the country Isaaqland. Every body knows that it is Isaaqland, or are there some kids who do not know out there?. We are Somalis any way and we are butchering each other in the name of clan, so what is the need of disguising it any more.

Is it really so that those British butt-kissers can't do without the names invented by the long gone colonialists who came and divided Somali nom at their conveinience. The year is and to me I see no bigger shame and stupid way of separating a nation.

It is good for the few million Somalis to but their part of the world in order and remain united, the alteranitives are very costly! I love Sahra Ahmed and I can't diggest the thought of her being a foreigner or something! Abdi Abakor Unrecorded Date I believe that Somaliland should seprate or the rest of somali, becuase of this the state somali and somaliand will live toghther peacefully. My advice is we all somalis brothers, we depend each other, we are all muslim.

We have to respect each other we are same people but different idea. What we know is Siyad Barre treat some somaliland ethnic groups and destory all thier lives. At time southern somali did't di anything to prevent from the cruel president. If i compare somaliland and somalia they are same people who share everythink that any human could share. In the case of majertain genocide was very wrong but majaerten is not somaliland and if they want to separate that's their own choice but every society has the right to decide their own future because somaliland was a complete teritorry or in other words a caountry united by other country south Iam not wonder if somaliland decided to seperate but if there is real dicussion took place between both sides,and solve what hapen from then there would be victory for both sides.

I think, if they decided to seperate let them do so; however, i don't agree that they need to force some people, like sool, sanag and awdal because those people are not in any reason infavorite of seperating from the rest of somalia. Somalilander Unrecorded Date Take it easy every body! Somaliland is gone, you want to be with oss, you are welcome, you dont want to be with oss, then leave oss and go to Somalia and Puntland. You want to start a war between the nation, we know how to defend oss, you want to work with oss, we know how to treat well.

Why we are forgeting Puntland? Puntland is a family state today, there is president Abdulahi Yusuf and the whole his capinet. There are ministress in Puntland. Nice felows, why are we telling lies? And if not so, willing to move there and want to live? Puntlanders will not bring Morgan to court so he can tell what he did to these poor somali people in Hargeisa, they will defend him as long as he lives. When will be piece in Somalia? Sool and Sanaag, there are somalilander livng there too.

We will never accept that any one of uss stay under any ny dectator!!!!!!! We have the rights to live where we want in the whole Somaliland. And no one will ever tell uss where we belong. You are telling me that i belong the whole Somalia, thanks that is giving me more right to demand the whole Somaliland. That is telling me that i have the rights to be seprate from the rest off Somalia. Somalilader Somalilander Unrecorded Date Take it easy every body!

You want to start a war between the nations clans , we know how to defend oss, you want to work with oss, we know how to treat well. Puntland is a family state, There is no arguemet about that, they are very smart pple, they show the rest off somali people that the only somalilanders want to seprate. Who dares to tell me that Puntland is not a Harti state? What gives??????????????????????????????? Secondly when you say Somalilanders decided to break-away on populous vote, where do you get that BS info??????

Somaliland is an idea so ridiculous and dangerous that it must not be allowed to bear fruit. There is no disputing that the despot actually carried out gross human rights violations in Hargeysa and other cities of the north but so did he to Mogadishu and other town in the south. Thirdly, the Somaliland concept is so weak it can not stand any test to determine if it can constitute an independent entity. For starters, not all the people of the region are for separation from Somalia.

Only one clan, namely the Isaack, is for secession. The residents of Sool, Sanaag and Awdal are against divorce except, of course, a few maqaarsaars , for the simple reason that there is no particular reason for doing so. On the contrary the interest of the Sool-Sanaag-Awdal residents is best served by remaining part of Somalia as opposed to being a minority in Somaliland. The OAU charter was established to safeguard the sovereignty of independent African states from disintegrating into tribal groupings, which has been successfully upheld to date.

Need I mention that it this same charter that ironically prevented the unification of the Greater Somalia! Lastly, the age of secession is gone. Unity is the name of the game. Somaliland or more precisely Isaackland has a role to play in the affairs of Somalia.

Sorry folks. Somalilander Unrecorded Date Folks Why are you not answering my questions? It is easy to say then to do!! Its easy to write about Somaliland but it is deficult to talk about Puntland. Non somalilander wrote " they share Lineage what is wrong with that? My question was and is still is, Who is willing to go to Puntland to live there?

The anwer is only puntlanders. When somali writer,Nuradin Farah asked to Morgan to these questions, "Why did you Morgan treat so bad somali people in Hargeisa" "Do you regret what you did" Morgan said, "No, i dont regret what i did to them" I understand that its very sensetive issue for puntlanders to read this statement. Its over, there is no Somali wayn. Mogdisho belongs to a southeren clan and there is no way that they will let any off you rules again.

The war between clans in the south will end one day, and then they wont let any one off you to be a ruler in their area, you may be lucky then if they not coming to Boosaso. Be ready for invasion in the near future. And the only way is north Somaliland , we will help you. We always treat our brothers and sisters well, like we do now. You see, how we treat our broth and sisters Gadabursi, Dhulbahante and Warsangali. I think Somalilanders should get a peace price for how they managed to keep peace in there area. Nuuh Unrecorded Date AnnonBig. Wax matarayahow sujuuga ah maxaa ku daba dhigay ninka geeriyooday 5 sano ka hor.

Maxaaba meesha soo gashay dowlad la riday qanrnigii hore? Dhamaan : Soomaaliyeey Iga raali ahaada, maanta waa soo dheeraaday, ma jecli meel afaarahan looga hadlayo in aan soo galo AnonBig Unrecorded Date Non-Somaliland Puntland :- the enemy of my enemy is my Machiavelli huh?

Lonely older women in Waraabow

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