Looking forward to date

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I have an on Instagram where I post dating messages. The common theme of these messages is that each one highlights something—usually a problem to be fixed—and asks people who follow my to comment on what I post. A couple weeks ago, I posted this exchange below from the dating app Bumble, with my comment below it.

The conversation picks up where the gentleman asked her what days worked to meet for a drink after work. Him: Happy hour Friday is perfect! What area do you need to be at 8? I will find a place convenient for where you need to be. Looking forward to it. I also appreciate your taking the initiative in planning. Him a day before : Good morning! Just wanted to say hello. Looking forward to tomorrow. Have a great end of the week. So many people struggle between asking someone out and then making the actual date happen.

And many clients complain about someone dropping the ball. Nothing more, nothing less. Her: Not at all! Was just looking at my schedule actually. Either work for you? Her: Wednesday it is. Let me know if you have a favorite place to meet. Both men wanted dates. Both men asked. Both women said yes. Then things diverged. Bachelor 1 stepped it up, committing to plans and maturely scheduling them. Both men are in their 30s. Both live in major US cities.

The difference? Commitment, maturity, and follow-through. Those things? If people that write articles cared more about writing great material like you, more readers would read their content. Thank you so much. Could it be that the guy in the first example was just way more interested in the woman, than the guy in the second example? Her: Friday happy hour works!

Her: Perfecto! And the show is at [insert location]. Him: Plenty of options around there. Want to meet at [insert bar]? Looking forward to it as well. Her: Confirmed! Looking forward to it, too. Happy TGIF eve. Tagged on: bumble advice how to ask a girl out how to get better at dating apps how to get from app to date husband material play it by ear what to text to get a date why did he say that.

Looking forward to date

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