Love addiction counseling

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Sex and love addiction develops when normal intimate relationships gradually becoming destructive, leading to unhealthy patterns of relating to others. Sex and love are integral parts of what it means to be human, but when normal levels of intimacy malfunction, it can cause a range of emotional and psychological problems. Sex and love addiction is typically characterised by:. Whilst sex and love are normal aspects of relationships, in sex and love addiction, these behaviours and emotions become damaging and dysfunctional, having an adverse impact on your quality of life, performance at work and, not to mention, your relationships with others.

The fact that love and sexuality are constantly being portrayed in the media, and we now have access to dating apps and other readily available sexual material through digital channels, means that the culture of love and sex, and the treatment of associated addictions is constantly evolving.

Sex addiction typically causes conventional feelings and acts of intimacy to malfunction. People with sex addiction also tend to experience intense feelings of guilt and shame after each sexual encounter. Love addicts typically have an intense need to be in a relationship at all costs and are addicted to the rush of new romance.

Love addiction can cause people to become dependent on the affection and attention of another person to the extent that they feel as though they cannot cope without that person. If you're struggling with a sex and love addiction, Life Works offers different treatment plans to support individuals and families during this challenging time. Sex and love addiction can have an adverse impact on multiple areas of your life. However, the good news is that if you are struggling with this destructive illness, there is specialist help available. Our Life Works experts have extensive experience in helping people to overcome sex and love addiction and are committed to helping you every step of the way towards tackling your symptoms and getting back on track.

As such, we are pleased to offer a free initial addiction assessment at Life Works in Surrey. This allows you to discuss your compulsive sexual and emotional behaviours in confidence with a trained expert, explore the treatment options that are available to you, and begin to develop an understanding of how we can help you to overcome your challenges. We deliver a whole range of evidence-based treatment methods to tackle your sex and love addiction.

Through intensive group and individual therapy, you will be empowered to overcome your sex and love addiction symptoms , identify the root cause of your unhealthy sexual and emotional behaviours, and take steps towards the happy and fulfilling life that you deserve. Each and every client at Life Works benefits from a bespoke treatment programme, which is individually tailored according to your unique needs, requirements and challenges.

You will be placed at the centre of your rehabilitation and recovery journey, meaning that you will be empowered to achieve the best possible post-treatment outcomes for you. Our beautiful centre, complete with expansive private grounds, offers a calming sanctuary in which to relax and focus on your health and recovery. Untreated sex and love addiction can become increasingly severe over time, and cause untold devastation in all areas of your life. Repeatedly engaging in these compulsive behaviours may also lead you to develop other addictions including alcohol and drug addictions and other compulsive behaviours such as gambling , internet including accessing pornography in an excessive manner and shopping addictions.

Treatment for sex and love addiction at Life Works takes place as part of our day residential Addiction Treatment Programme. We have found residential treatment to be particularly effective for sex and love addiction. Many sex and love addicts seek help because their relationships are at breaking point — for some, especially sex addicts, this can be as a result of their partner discovering that they have been unfaithful or that they have engaged with paid sex workers.

Therefore, not only does residential treatment remove you from the negative influences that you might have in your normal day-to-day life, it also gives you a chance to spend some time apart from what may have become a toxic relationship, thus giving both parties a chance to reflect and ultimately recover. During addiction treatment at Life Works, you will enter into an intensive programme of group and individual therapy, during which, you will have the chance to explore the underlying causes and triggers for your damaging behaviours and learn strategies to overcome your addiction.

Therapy also aims to help you to improve your sense of self-esteem and self-worth, which can often be very negative in sex and love addicts. In addition, our exceptional family programme can be extremely helpful for sex and love addicts, as it provides the opportunity for you to work through your issues with individuals who may have been adversely affected by your sexual and emotional compulsions.

Our Addiction Treatment Programme for sex and love addiction is underpinned by the renowned Step addiction treatment philosophy, which was first pioneered by the organisation Alcoholics Anonymous AA. This abstinence-based model enables our clients to replace destructive, compulsive sexual and emotional behaviours with healthier ways of loving and relating.

Sex and love addiction treatment at Life Works is personalised according to your individual needs and circumstances. For more information on the sex and love addiction treatment that we offer at Life Works, as well as the type of therapy that is involved, please visit our approach to addiction treatment . Engaging in sexual activity to the extent that this has become out of control, may be indicative that a harmful addiction has developed.

Sex addiction is not simply having a high sex drive, but rather, refers to a compulsion to participate in excessive sexual behaviours despite the negative consequences that this can cause. The following are common s that you or someone that you know, may be suffering from sex addiction:.

Love addiction refers to an individual becoming dependent on a relationship or on receiving validation from another person. Love addicts crave intimacy and attention and often feel as though they cannot cope without the relationship. The following are typical s that you or someone that you know, may be suffering from love addiction:.

For more information about the services that Life Works offer, download our brochure. Sex and Love Counselling. Additional Information. Contact Life Works Today. What is sex addiction? What are the most common s and symptoms of sex addiction?

The following are common s that you or someone that you know, may be suffering from sex addiction: Experiencing persistent and overwhelming sexual thoughts and urges Having multiple sexual partners Engaging in increasingly risky sexual behaviours such as unprotected sex Sexual activity with paid sex workers Healthy relationship breakdowns Sexual infidelity Excessive masturbation Excessive use of pornography Feeling guilty after acting upon your sexual compulsions. What is love addiction? What are the most common s and symptoms of love addiction?

The following are typical s that you or someone that you know, may be suffering from love addiction: Clinging to an abusive or unhealthy relationship Believing that you are worthless if you are not in a relationship Relying on other people for your emotional wellbeing Craving attention from your relationship Seeking new sources of attention Low self-esteem. . Call our Enquiry Line Free Addiction Assessment. Sex and Love Addiction. Download Our Brochure. Get our brochure. Can't find what you're looking for? by phone: or Make An Enquiry.

Love addiction counseling

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