Make him want to marry me

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And the funny yet so frustrating part is that this is the stage of a relationship that is boring for a woman. What happens is that you need to play the game. Men are like that. Every time a problem appears in your life, start solving it by working on yourself. Therefore, love yourself. You can do it if you really want to. You know how sometimes people who hang out together for a longer period of time start acting like each other?

Why am I saying this? Your married friends will show him that marriage has its ups and downs, but at the end of the day, the love you have for each other always wins. All they have learned and heard was fighting and disrespect. Therefore, marriage has negative connotations to them. Try hard to prove them wrong. Show them with your married friends that things are not always bad.

You see, as long as you talk to your partner, any kind of damage done can be undone. Conversation can solve any conflict. Simply put, share every little thing with your partner. Therefore, never keep things buried inside. Maybe it sounds like a lot of work, but when you love someone, you already are all of those things to that person.

Make him need you by making his time with you priceless. Tone down the drama to a minimum and enjoy life with the person you love. All men need that and, to be honest, you need that, too. You need to give him space, some time to think and deal with his stuff by himself.

After all, physical attraction is not the only type of attraction and in time it fades, which is the reason why most relationships fail. Attraction comes from within; it comes from your very essence and no plastic surgery can top that. You have to show your partner the real you. Also, I guarantee you he will like you better with no makeup on than with wearing the whole facade. Men get easily comfortable and when they get to that state, it becomes a routine that is really hard to escape. For example, your guy has grown used to you being at home every time he comes from work, or you staying home Friday night where the two of you watch Netflix.

It has been like that forever. He is used to you always being there. Well, be smart enough and shake things up a bit. Go out with your friends on a Friday night. There are women who completely let themselves go when they are in a long and serious relationship. Well, that lack of effort is the one relationship killer.

The relationship is becoming more boring with each passing day and you find yourself miserable in a relationship that used to work. After all, he is not only marrying a friend but a lover, too. If you see that your relationship is at a standstill, you simply have to do something to get things going and to wake your partner up. But never leave things just at words.

Make your plan believable and real. Do absolutely anything necessary to shake him up a bit and make him realize he needs you and wants to spend his life with you. No one wants a drama queen by their side. Too much passion and too much of anything is not a good thing. You as a woman are also looking for a stable man to be your support for the rest of your life, right?

Staying calm and together is not an easy thing to do because life is hectic and all kinds of things happen all the time. Life throws challenges and problems every step of the way, and not everyone can deal with it all while keeping their head clear at the same time. The most important thing you have to do if you want a man to marry you is to never pressure him. When he commits to you, then you can start talking about the future, although he will probably do it first.

If you want to be treated as an equal, you should show him that you care for him and that you can be romantic as well. Give him a reason to stay in this relationship. Tell him that you are planning on marrying in the future and that you want to be with a person who has the same values as you do. But if you approach your person in a happy and positive matter, that same conversation can take a completely different course. Be the woman you are and take this game to a different level, the one only you know how to play on. Present yourself the way you are and he will understand what he has to do, what would be the best for him to do.

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Make him want to marry me

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