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Whether you identify as straight, gay, bisexual, or curious, there's nothing like being massaged by a man who knows your body like he knows his. Whether this is your first time booking a men's massage or not, you've come to the right place! Getting a men's massage is a true joy worth experiencing. Feeling all your stress and tension just fade away from your body and mind can be an incredible feeling. Read my blog on what makes a massage gay. Whether you long for a relaxing session or perhaps a stronger, more vigorous men's massage, I am ready to take care of your needs with my wide range of modalities and my dexterous hands.

As a Certified Touch Therapist, I believe that healing touch is an essential and necessary element for all men to unwind, disconnect, increase oxytocin hormones, relieve sore muscles, reduce stress, boost libido, enhance relaxation, and promote positive well-being. Choose from the Classic or Tandem 4-hand M4M massage options. Men's bodywork massage services available in Los Angeles, and in Palm Springs by request.

Due to Covid, some services may not be available. Men's Bodywork by Trevor James is where you go for a m4m or gay massage , or when you want a gay masseur and don't want to be judged for your sexuality. The gay massage is deed to be respectful, and thoughtful, without losing any of the sensuality, and your discretion is assured.

Nestled up in the Hollywood Hills, my studio offers a peaceful, zen environment for a relaxing M4M massage, as well as panoramic views of the Los Angeles basin and the Hollywood . Choose your massage type and style, how much pressure you like, and what aromatherapy scent you prefer.

Retreat from the desert heat to a cool, zen space that relaxes you and puts you in a tranquil state of mind for your Trevor James M4M massage. Then, right as we pass each other, I feel his hand graze my crotch and I freeze in my tracks in shock.

I turn around just as he stops and turns around, a big grin on his face, his perfect teeth gleaming in the moonlight. I cannot help smiling back, recovering from my shock. His shorts hug his muscular legs, and his nipples peak through his shirt. I notice his wedding band as he raises his hand to adjust his collar. Then my Scruff notification goes off. I check it and I have a woof from someone whose only pic is a torso. Could it be Mr. I pivot and nearly lose my balance. Blood rushes to my face, a mixture of embarrassment and excitement.

His dick is dripping precum. I pull out my tongue to catch a long slimy drop that was about to be wasted. I believe precum and cum should not be wasted. The drop lands squarely on my tongue and I lick it clean off the tip of his dick. His cock is thick, uncut and about 8 inches long.

He pulls back the foreskin to reveal the giant pink head. The sun is setting over the desert and the scorching heat is slowly relenting. The flaming orange and purple sky reflects like a jewel over the mountain range as we drive to Joshua Tree National Park. The first time our naked thighs brushed against each other, I think nothing much of it. But the second time it happens, it lasts longer and feels almost deliberate.

His skin feels soft and the hairs on his moderately haired leg play with the hairs on my lightly haired leg and give me goosebumps. The water glistens on his milk chocolate skin as he wades towards me with my glass. His dazzling smile stands out against the dark features of his almond-shaped face. My heart is racing, in anguish for what I should not have, and in apprehension for having to turn down what I really want.

The perfect storm. Will I have the willpower to do what is right? The adrenalin is coursing through my body, and I notice a slight tremble in my hands that I try to control by gripping the armrest of the armchair. The nervous sweat oozes through the pores of my armpits and I can almost smell its pungency. The team set up yesterday and today, my calendar is fairly open. As I scroll through, I see the profile of my friend Sebastian. I lead Rogerio upstairs. The post-party cleanup will have to wait.

As we get to the upstairs landing, he effortlessly scoops me up in his big strong arms and carries me bodily into the bedroom. The light from the full moon illuminates my bedroom in a very romantic way. Without the responsibility of guests to see to, I now feel more relaxed. Hours By Appointment 10am—11pm. Phone Great bodywork. By men. For men. By Appointment. Book now. A men's massage deed with you in mind. It is not that often that my husband and I agree on a masseur, but Trevor is the exception.

He was wonderfully responsive to all my communication. He greeted me at the door with a big smile and invited me to his massage room. The ambiance was welcoming and quite comforting. We had some chit chat then the massage began. Trevor is definitely well versed in the modality you choose and his hands are magical. His massage technique is just not a massage but a journey—both physical and mental. I expressed to him at the end of my massage that all I could think of to describe the experience was I highly recommend a massage with this remarkable craftsman—he definitely makes it a point to connect with his customers and make them feel very special.

Thank you so much Trevor! What a memorable time this was! Trevor has great instincts which enabled him to discover sources of tension that eluded other bodyworkers. I plan on continuing on with him. Every session seems to bring a new discovery of my condition.

Enter The No Judgment Zone. Trevor's Latest Blog Posts. Sal and Jacob. Rogerio Part 2. Find Us.

Massage for men los angeles

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