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She began learning bodywork at age 12 by working on her mother who is a Doctor of Osteopathy specializing in bodywork. She has been personally trained in craniosacral, myofascial release, lomi lomi, facilitated muscle release, lymphatic drainage, visceral manipulation, as well as other techniques available upon inquiry.

Thia specializes in pain related to trauma and chronic pain related to old injuries. With a focus on musculoskeletal balance, she pinpoints intricate tissues pulling on the body that creates the dysfunction. Each session you receive with Thia will be a little different. She re and adjusts as your physical patterns change with the work being done.

Her work is also effective for those with hypermobility Syndrome. Stana enjoys learning and exploring all styles of massage but predominantly practices deep tissue blended with movement and stretching. These methods can help release stagnant fluid in the ts as well as holding patterns in the muscles and can ease tension brought on by past traumas. She enjoys seeing clients regain freedom in their movement and looks forward to sharing this joy with others.

Jerrica believes in the profound benefits of self care. She has experienced for herself the clarity and strength that comes from being aware of one's needs. She understands that when we can find the compassion in our hearts to listen to our own needs, and to respond accordingly, we have an abundance of compassion and energy to share with our families and communities.

Slowing down when we need to slow down prepares the runway for when we need to speed up. Offering gentleness and ease fortifies our roots so that we can grow into our most authentic selves. Using massage therapy as her medium, Jerrica allows this message to inform her method.

In a session with her, you can expect to find deep relaxation through a blend of gentle and dynamic techniques. She aims to create a space of acceptance, compassion, and warmth. Combined with a light-hearted and open personality, you are sure to find immediate comfort in her presence.

Book with her if you feel the call to create more space in your life for tranquility and joy! Her mother definitely helped her realize her love for massage therapy! She first learned Swedish massage at the age of 17 when a local therapist in Paola offered private instruction. She has worked in many different settings throughout her career and many kinds of massage.

She loves to learn new massage modalities whenever possible! Melissa has over 15 years experience working with many types of clients, but the ones needing deep tissue work on their neck and upper back has been the most prevalent. She can find all the tight spots.

She loves to do CranioSacral Therapy and has enjoyed watching the amazing ways it can help people. CST has provided migraine relief to many of her clients. She loves to help people feel better! She has always had a passion for helping people and found that massage therapy is her calling to do so. Her path to massage therapy included working in numerous healthcare settings such as a physical therapy and orthopedic clinics. It was there when she discovered her gift for creating a calm, safe space for people to let go of stress and anxiousness, treating not just the body, but the mind as well.

She is a strong believer in the mind body connection and believes that you cannot work on one without working on the other. She believes that our bodies are highly intelligent and are capable of healing themselves once our mind is calm and free of everyday stress. You will feel like you have known her for years, as she has often been told she has never met a stranger. Laurie is a registered nurse with a deep belief in the holistic and preventive approaches to health care.

Her ature massage is focused on encompassing the life stage of the individual along with the individuals' circumstances, beliefs and affinities. From supporting the body of a pregnant mother providing her infant with the best possible start, to supporting the body of a robust senior in the process of aging gracefully and actively, Laurie applies her skills to the benefit of each individual. Massage, with its ancient roots, holds infinite therapeutic possibilities as we increasingly value the holistic approach to health and wellbeing.

The personal decision to open up space for self care is a powerful one, enabling the individual to more effectively serve others and fulfill their own life purpose. You can book a Swedish, deep tissue, prenatal, or custom massage with Laurie.

Savannah Rose Hannum has been practicing massage since childhood, beginning with hand and foot massages for her mom and grandmothers. She didn't realize it was her calling until many years later, when at the age of 23, following ificant personal trauma, she discovered the Florida School of Massage. Walking into the school for the very first time she felt a sense of coming home and knew that was exactly where she was meant to be.

She earned a scholarship for an Integrative Massage and Personal training program that she completed in Savannah practices a trauma informed approach to massage therapy. Always conscientious of the fact that the body holds on to trauma even if the mind is unaware of those holding patterns. Every massage session is specifically tailored to the person on the table and no two massages will be exactly the same.

Savannah specializes in holding space and creating an environment that is conducive to allowing the body to heal itself. Savannah practices a wide range of modalities including dynamic stretching, energy work, neuromuscular therapy, deep tissue and Swedish massage. These treatments can help relieve headaches, chronic pain, sciatica, repetitive-motion syndromes, and tendonitis, as well as reduce stress and its effects on the body and mind.

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Massage in lawrence kansas

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