No emotional intimacy in marriage

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One person likes the beach and the other likes the mountains? One cheers for the Yankees and the other for the Red Sox…well, some conflict resolution may be necessary. Intimacy in marriage is the ongoing , intentional process of fully knowing your spouse and being fully known by your spouse. And you, too. Emotional intimacy is simply growing deeper in your understanding of your spouse. The first two years of their marriage were utter bliss. However, real life started to creep in as the busyness of work, the drama of in-laws, the stacking of bills , and the arrival of children took center stage.

Emotional intimacy was no longer so natural. There were fewer opportunities to spend time with each other; they no longer spent the weekends enjoying chili dogs at the Tastee Freez like they used to. When Jack and Diane did talk, it was either about their schedule or finances or shuffling the kiddos from one place to another, but never anything deeper.

Disagreements quickly grew into all-out fights. It was difficult for Jack or Diane to feel safe in the relationship, and there was often the feeling of walking on eggshells when they were in the same room. Fortunately, Jack and Diane started reading wonderfully helpful marriage tips from First Things First shameless plug… and learned that emotional intimacy can be built up again, but it takes being intentional.

Emotional intimacy requires couples to take on the role of a compassionate detective —an invested student of each other. Emotional intimacy is a continual process of learning , understanding , and empathizing with who your spouse is on the inside.

Couples with emotional intimacy experience a greater connection and enhanced communication. And with some work such as these exercises , you can begin to build a strong emotional intimacy with the one you love the most. For a clear understanding of what defines an abusive relationship, . Your marriage goes through ups and downs, highs and lows, crazy passion and mundane routine-filled days. But sometimes you can get stuck in that monotony. Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. But emotional intimacy … boy, does it ever matter. Unfortunately, many couples get stuck in a cycle of operating with a severe lack of emotional intimacy.

And they figured out, by golly , emotional intimacy matters. Couples with emotional intimacy … Have a stronger sense of trust and security. Knowing and being known chips away at the need to wonder how much you can really rely on your partner to be on your team.

You can feel safe, secure, and accepted just being yourself. Understanding what goes on on the inside and why it goes on gives you a better appreciation and compassion for your spouse, warts and all. Have a stronger physical intimacy.

I like to think of it like pedaling a bicycle. One pedal is emotional intimacy and the other physical intimacy. When you push one pedal forward, it will bring the other around to be pushed. Repeat the cycle see what I did there? Was This Helpful? Did this blog give you the information you were looking for and give you tools to help improve your relationships? Stay in the know.

No emotional intimacy in marriage

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Does Your Relationship Have Emotional Intimacy?