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About This Event. The U. The OCBC has a long and commendable history of racing, starting from its founding. William F. This boat was relatively easy to construct and many thousands were built by individuals and by commercial companies over the next 30 years.

Several of our early members became proficient in racing Snipes and entered the Nationals in Beginning in Steve Taylor was selected as the Race Committee Chairman for the Snipe Nationals and ruled over that event for the next 14 years. Other centerboard boats, such as the Flying Scot, were raced on Lake Hefner as well.

Because Lake Hefner is situated at or near the highest elevation in Oklahoma County and lack of obstructions to the winds, average wind velocities are high, often too high for comfortable or safe centerboard sailing. For example, for two years running in the s the annual Snipe Regatta had to be cancelled because of high winds. This led several committed Snipe sailors to purchase keelboats. The first keelboat fleet formed was the Victory Fleet, followed by the Luder 16s and 21s. Then came the larger Kittiwake which grew to 15 boats.

As the boating industry has grown over the years and new des come onto the market, new one de fleets have waxed and waned at OCBC. In the '70s and '80s we have seen the growth and decline of the following fleets, Irwin 23, Santana 21, Santana 22 and the Santana Very competitive racing occurred within these fleets. More recently, the major fleets have been the Js, Js, and the Catalina 22, 25 and 27 classes. The series, run from May through September, draws sixty or more competing boats to the starting line every week.

The Race Committee provides four separate starts, grouping the fleets to make for the best, fairest and safest competition for all competitors. With a harbor gun and for the first start, competitors can get a in a good hour long race, put their boat up, socialize with other competitors bench-racing and still be home by or , there is no better way to break up the work week. In addition to keelboats active centerboard racing has been carried out using the Sunfish and Laser classes.

These boats have been popular with the youth program and the women's program. These include the following:. OCBCis noted for organizing races and regattas that ensure all participants will get good course layouts and fair race conditions. OCBC is recognized nationally for its ability to conduct races and regattas and this tradition will continue. It was started by Jim Mitchell who guided the program for several years. Gary Sander and then David Cheek succeeded him. In an Explorer Scout program was established using Snipes and Sunfish. This program continued until the middle s.

In , George Miskovsky presented a trophy to be given each year to an outstanding youth sailor. He named the trophy in honor of Asbury Smith. This trophy is awarded at the Annual Banquet each November. Most recently, the Youth Program is directed by Kevin Kendall.

Over the past several years women members and wives of male members of OCBC have been meeting on Saturday mornings during the sailing season to sail Sunfish and Lasers. Although the original objective was to teach neophytes how to sail, the program has progressed to where very competitive women sailors compete against each other and against the men in various club regattas. Some also travel to out of state events. Several have graduated to larger keelboats and winning races and trophies on their own.

In addition to keeping out clubhouse and grounds in immaculate condition, we have participated in the Oklahoma City Beautiful clean-up efforts and also the efforts of the Friends of Lake Hefner Association in cleaning up the shore line of the lake and of the trails and roadways nearby. Our greatest effort was directed toward the Passageway Regatta. Passageway is a non-profit organization for the support of abused women and children. We have also hosted a day in which individual members volunteer selected children and their mothers for a sail followed by a luncheon in the clubhouse.

This is the first time many of these children have sailed. Check out our exciting programs! Youth Program. Women's Program. Charitable Activities.

Oklahoma city boats

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