Online future telling

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Every day during his lunch break, Sean Cheng, a fortune teller, pulls out his phone, logs onto Instagram and checks his messages for new client appointments. He replies to comments from online followers and gets ready to run his divination side business, right after he gets off work at a marketing company in Hong Kong.

Cheng, 25, began teaching himself tarot card reading in college a few years ago and set up his own online fortune-telling business in February. Cheng conducted psychic readings for more than 80 customers in the last two months alone, he said. The cultural shift of the ancient art of divination in southeast Asia from in-person consultations to online platforms has spawned new opportunities for swift connections over smartphones and introduced the practice to a young, tech-savvy generation. The popularity of social media, combined with growing economic insecurity, has also meant that business is booming.

Before every appointment, Cheng meditates for at least 45 minutes to prepare for a tarot card reading. Once the client makes the payment online, he shuffles his cards , takes a photograph and sends it to them via Instagram. He then analyses the cards and answers their questions. The pandemic has also proved to be a good time to start his business, Cheng added, with people spending more time online.

After losing his job last December, Wong Fung, 26, said he felt constantly insecure and turned to online fortune tellers for guidance. Wong, like many in Hong Kong, has childhood memories of taking part in incense-filled ancestor worship ceremonies to pay respect to deceased family members, and has folded spirituality into his daily life since becoming a Buddhist at age Buddhism, along with Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity, are the most common religious beliefs in the region, according to the government of Hong Kong , with fortune telling historically a part of social culture.

Destiny and divination: Online fortune telling is booming among young people in Hong Kong. Salina Li and Adela Suliman. A fortuneteller, using a smartphone and a magnifying glass, at her stall in Yau Ma Tei, Hong Kong, in Credit: Getty. Business Asia Small Business Technology.

Online future telling

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