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Research from dating website CougarLife. London is also the city boasting the fastest growth in cougar -ups. The site has more than four-million members worldwide. CougarLife says it experienced a surge of new member -ups in the past year, particularly near university campuses such as Western University, where many of the young male students consider the cougar-cub dynamic very attractive.

While the term 'cougar' can sometimes have a negative connotation, one relationship expert says it's part of the constantly shifting state of relationships in today's society. Psychologist Dr. Guy Grenier says "We're seeing more women unabashedly express their sexual interests throughout their lifespan, as opposed to capitulating to these gender expectations that's been forced upon them.

And what many self-proclaimed cougars like Jordan want is to alleviate the stigma that comes with the word, "It's been okay for a really long time to see an older man with a younger woman, I don't think it's necessarily the same mentality for a woman, but the older woman dating a younger man, I definitely think it brings the youth out in us.

She believes a shift in thinking has begun and hopes women who enjoy dating younger men will simply be confident in themselves and their relationship preferences. Grenier notes that relationship trends are constantly changing, progressing and becoming more acceptable, and this is simply one of them. Marlo Jordan, winner of the Miss CougarLife.

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You are contributing to debate and discussion, and helping to make this website a more open place. London has been given a new title — the 'Cougar Capital of Canada. London, ON — 60 per cent 5, cougars 2. Richmond, BC — 58 per cent 3. Ottawa, ON — 57 per cent 8, 4. Winnipeg, MB — 57 per cent 6, 5. Halifax, NS — 57 per cent 3, 6.

Saskatoon, SK — 56 per cent 2, 7. Windsor, ON — 56 per cent 2, 8. Victoria, BC — 55 per cent 2, 9. Waterloo, ON — 54 per cent 1, Moncton, NB — 53 per cent 2, The site has more than four-million members worldwide. An image from CougarLife. If you have trouble reading the characters in the picture, click it to see a new one. Guidelines Preference is given to commenters who use real names. Stay on topic and be concise. Stimulate debate. Offer new information. What not to do: We will not publish comments that are profane, libelous, racist, or engage in personal attacks. We screen for comments that seek to spread information that is false or misleading.

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Ottawa cougar bar

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London deemed 'Cougar Capital' of Canada