Relationship check in questions

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In passing last week on Twitter, I mentioned that my fiance and I have weekly check-ins. In these cases, it might be better to default to every other week at first. These questions have lead to really productive, helpful conversations for us and have gotten us through some unpleasant patches. I love the open-endedness of this one. Tell your partner what they did well. Be sure to say thank you! Be sure to keep it accessible, like asking for them to arrange a simple date night that weekend, or send you a love not e as a surprise at some point during the week.

Question 3: In the upcoming week, are you going to need more time together, or more space for yourself? My partner and I are both hardcore introverts, and frequently need time to ourselves. If you need time to rest and recharge without your partner, this is a great spot to ask. This question is endlessly helpful for me as an asexual person in a romantic relationship with an allosexual person.

You can definitely ask for different flavors of sex here too, not just an amount. Initially, we agreed that three times a week was good, but when we met that goal, we decided we might actually need a little more. You can just mark it on the calendar to look back on later.

Talk about it here. Want to talk about your social plans for the upcoming week? This question allows for a wide range of topics. This is frequently where my beau and I will talk about the household budget, do anything that needs to be done together like buying plane tickets for our engagement party in July , or revisit the distribution of household chores.

I definitely recommend a weekly check-in for every kind of relationship: brand new, well-established, monogamous, polyamorous, whatever floats your boats. Of course, you can add or adjust questions as needed to suit your individual relationships.

Question 1: What did I do last week that made you feel loved and appreciated? Question 2: What can I do next week to make you feel loved and appreciated? Question 4: How do you feel about our sex life right now? Question 5: Is there anything else you want to talk about? Share this post with your network Twitter Tumblr Facebook Pocket. Like this: Like Loading Enjoying your read? Want to be the first one to receive the new posts?

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Relationship check in questions

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