Resto mod muscle cars

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Many industry purists have a strong bias against resto-modded muscle cars and even go as far as to reject them completely. On the other hand, we completely understand the appeal of these modifications. Classic muscle car models come from an era when the creative side of the company dictated the final products , unlike today where everything comes down to statistics and mass production. This in a sea of dull gray boxes when what we want are the flamboyant body styles of yesteryear. This does not mean that we also want to give up on comfort, convenience, reliability, economy, safety, and confidence that modern cars have to offer.

Essentially everyone loves James Bond's Aston from Skyfall which is a beautiful sports car that also happens to be jam-packed with state-of-the-art gadgetry. It is also quite easy to lose your way with a build like such as this which is why we have compiled our top 10 picks of desirable resto-mods and five examples of complete disasters. The stock engine has been swapped for an LT4 crate engine.

This modified Charger took three years to complete in its glossy black glory starting as a barn find. Pure Vision took over this project for comedian and commentator Joe Rogan. Under the hood, we find a supercharged LS1 crate motor as the heart of this machine. The suspension and brakes have also been updated to handle the power better. It is not a surprise that the actor playing the character of Harley-riding Captain America will also own an all-American muscle car. Robert Downey Jr. Not all Muscle cars are American. To keep the weight low, the wide-body kit has been recreated using carbon fiber.

The interior of the car is wrapped in wine-red, hand-stitched leather and flaunts Zebrawood veneer. The car also gets new coil-over springs suspension and modern brakes. Probably one of the rarest and expensive entries on our list is a regal SL. The car was commissioned by the Sultan of Brunei. The restomod was carried out by AMG itself and runs on a 6. The original suspension has been swapped for a five-link setup. The stock motor was swapped for a versatile LS3 crate engine.

The braking duties are carried out by inch. The standard headlamp cluster now gets projector HIDs. When it comes to performance this Hellcat monster is probably the most capable contender on our list. The de silhouette might be the only old school detail about this project. The body panels are made out of carbon fiber and the supercharged Hellcat motor churns out HP, which is Veyron territory. The Interceptor R might just be the most sophisticated entry on our list.

The motor comes mated to a GM 6-speed auto gearbox and the power is channeled via an updated prop shaft. This Ridler award-winning entry comes from the world-renowned car deer Chip Foose. The car took six years to build and ditches its underpinnings for that of a modern Corvette. The overall wheelbase of the Impala was shortened by 7 inches and the top got an 8-inch chop overall.

The only thing vicious about this frankly ruined Ford Mustang is its aesthetics and not in a good way. Then there is the loud nightclub red ambient lighting that is sure to induce migraines. The deer has somehow managed to strip away any Americana that Opala once had and the entire project looks like it was done on an Etch a Sketch. The shop scrapped all the beautiful chrome, added on an aftermarket exhaust, cheap plastic bumpers, and threw away the retro interior.

Another fastback Mustang meets a terrible fate at the hands of an over-enthusiastic custom shop. The workshop did, however, go overboard with the yin and yang styling of the car. The de-chroming of the Fastback while retaining its retro lines, in addition to the sporty blacked-out alloys and projector headlamps just look awkward.

The most controversial de on the build can be found at the front fascia. The headlamp cluster looks like an afterthought and the asymmetrical front grille does not work with the overall silhouette. Hugh Jackman isn't exactly a car guy, but he has some interesting ones in his garage. Via Foose Des. Via Mecum. Via Corvette Forum. Via Tuning Blog. Via Rob Report. Via Motor1. Via RCN Mag. Via Motor Authority. Via Autocar. Via Chip Foose. Via Drive Mag. Via Auto Evolution. Via RestoMod. Share Share Tweet Comment.

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Resto mod muscle cars

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