Rules for a sub to follow

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In Register. Online now. topic Next topic. Rules for Submissives. Hi All, Curious to see and learn of different views relating to rules for submissives to behave in. I've read other various blogs where Doms have s of rules for their subs, sometimes with rules listed. Whereas I only have a few basic generic rules below which I use as a foundation and have actively corrected my subs on an ongoing evolving basis to improve their behaviour to how it pleases me.

Interested to see if I can improve and maybe add better rules. I must address my Sir correctly. I will use my safe words if necessary and without fear. I will follow Sir's orders to the best of my ability. Orgasms are a privilege and are owned by Sir.

I will ask Sir for permission to cum and will thank him after each one. I will dress and groom myself to please my Sir. I will be honest with my Sir. I don't know but I think there is a lot more than Just 5 rules for submission or the submissive. Never said anything about their rights or did you forget that submissive have rights also. Just wondering. A young man offered to have a switch irl relationship with me once. I was not allowed to touch anyone else, ever. I could not wear nail varnish, unless a scene demanded it. I must be prepared to penetrate him, and take that same penetration without question.

I must always accept that he would be late. In return he offered me nothing. Which is why I turned him down flat. However my current playpal has given me only one 'command'. His command? My rules are few. Rule 1: Don't neglect me. I won't with you. Rule 2: Make the effort for me and look after ALL of my needs as I would yours even if that means having to get others involved. I can't dom a switch after all. No that's not being unreasonable. I want YOU to care enough to make the effort, which will be appreciated even if you're not good at it.

I do with others of course. Two way street often me doing it first brings people closer with me, I find. Rule 3: Take note of how other things affect us. Don't compare me to others. For I've learned not to do that myself. Others may not like your "flaws". I might love you for them. Rule 4: Want ME. If I'm not worth the effort, you're not worth the time. If you're being difficult, I won't abandon you. That's it. The rest falls into place after that. Once I treat someone like a person, they often become a "better" dom. Better meaning they're willing to get into it, even if they weren't before.

Get good at it too. Thor Anastasia. Re: Rules for Submissives. Greez S. Quote: 1 I will know myself and be honest with myself. Quote: 2 I will do anything I can to please my Sir and I will constantly think about and seek new ways to please my Sir. Quote: 6 I will accept appropriate correction and punishment for any transgression I am guilty of. Hi, Ok, a bratty Sub is sub too. Well, if you want to be bratty to get a punishment you deserve, just go at breaking the rules.

The issue here that I would normally consider brattiness a play, an act to get funishment, which would only be needed if I did not take good enough care of my Sub but which I would see as "play" and which would be discussed upfront. I doubt anyone, not even a dedicated masochist brat will like true punishment for a real offence which necessarily must fit the offence and must be seriously unpleasant to the Sub. So, if you diss me while under discipline, I might first have you wash your mouth out with soap, clip something stingy and heavy on your tongue and lips, give you a few solid swats on the soles of your feet just enough to hurt and to get some tears before you will stand naked as girl in high heels, never was interested in guys in the corner for an hour or two yup on those feet I just swatted , after which you would put on a gag and chastity device yourself and serve as footstool for the rest of the day before sleeping alone still in the chastity device, but for safety without gag , or something along these lines - depending if something in this would actually be something the Sub enjoys I think something along those lines, making sure nothing there is to be enjoyed by the sub would get the message "We are not amused!

Your relationship seems different to what I'd accept, so if your Dom me agrees to let you push them, that between you and your Dom me and then the rules would need adjustment. If you never want to say sorry and be forgiven and possibly have punishment waved, but instead never want to say sorry and always want to be punished instead, well again, alter the rules.

It is in the end what two Risk Aware Consenting Kinky adults agree together No one size fits all. Made some modifications to the rules listed above. Never had a need to lay them out like this Probably going to add it to my blog for future reference. Please forgive the lack of gender neutrality, as this would be for me and my subs. Rules for my submissive: 1. I will know myself and be open and honest with myself and my Master. I will communicate honestly and clearly with my Master, including the correct use of safewords Enough.

I will always address my Master respectfully and appropriately for the given situation. I will completely surrender my heart, mind and body to my Master. I will do anything I can to please my Master and I will constantly think about and seek new ways to please him. If I have been in violation of these rules in thought or action I will inform my Master and ask for forgiveness. I will accept appropriate correction and punishment for any transgression I am guilty of.

Rules for me as a Dom: 1. I will always be open and honest with my submissive and will listen to their needs and desires. I will provide protection from as much harm as possible to my submissive. This includes harm from others, themselves, or from myself, and includes emotional and mental harm as well as physical. I will Dominate my submissive. This includes but is not limited to the following: I will use my time, attention, instruction, discipline, even my cruelty, to take my submissive out of their comfort zones and force them to bend, stretch, and grow.

I will not push them past the breaking point, but I will always endeavor to bring them to it. I will respect the hard limits that are established by and for my submissive. I will issue punishment and reward based on merit.

Rules for a sub to follow

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