S10 digital dash repair

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Log in. Jump to Latest Follow. ed Oct 20, Another case of the intermittant digital dash operation I've seen the repair kits on ebay, and I've seen the repair places. Curious if anyone has a parts list of what specifically is included in those ebay kits or from other places? If I knew what to order, I could probably just tack it on to my next Digi-key or Mouser order and save myself a few bucks. ed Oct 19, Now if none of it works its the power supply. The power supply and a set of instructions to fix cold solder t and install said power supply is what you are buying. I've always had luck just cracking the thing open and fixing cold solder ts but have never been handed one that was totally out.

ed May 31, I just repaired mine and put it back in and still doesn't work, used to be that the spedo and odo were the only things that worked, then i found that after thumping the top of it a few times occasionaly got the display working and now i found the repairs i did fixed the rest of the guages, but it never stays lit for very long, goes back to being blank except for the dummy lights turn als and odometer.

ed Nov 8, I am getting ready to buy the repair kit from eBay and will post the parts list. As said above, its like 5 bucks worth of parts. Didn't mean to resurect an old post but thought it would be useful. ed Dec 7, I am going reprogram my s10 and will do some chevrolet repair and will be needing those kits.

Thanks for the details. I can now do my chevrolet repair. ed Jul 5, I know this is a old post but i just found me a digital dash and i was wonder has anyone on this post fixed theres. The one i got from my local pull a part the speedo wont light up on the bench test. I saw the repair kit on ebay and was wondering did it fix anything. ed Feb 22, Just pull the power supply board off and redo every t. I had one where I just did the big pins, and it worked for a year and started giving trouble.

Went back through the whole thing and it's in top shape now. I've seriously been through a pile of these and have never had to replace a part. If you feel the need to replace parts, I'd do the electrolytic caps and that's about it. the discussion. Continue with Facebook. Continue with Google. About this Discussion. S Forum.

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S10 digital dash repair

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digital dash repair part list