Seniors for hot sex

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Seniors and Sex is a Hot Topic! But they do! They may be having more sex than the younger generation. After all, they have more time, not to mention, ahem…experience. Sex is still a taboo subject but seniors are not only having it, but they are also quite happy to talk about it too.

So why might a couple shut down their sex life once they qualify for their senior discount card? But did you know that sex is actually a great remedy for better health? Take Sally, a year old who presented to my clinical practice because of vaginal dryness and painful sex which led to low sexual desire. She and her husband John had always enjoyed a wonderful sex life, but dryness put a real damper on things. Use it or lose it comes into play here.

Sally started on localized estrogen which helped her within a month. Edwin was a year-old widower. After grieving the loss of his wife, he met a lovely woman at Mah Jong. They hit it off in every way except in the bedroom. It is easily treated. There are a of treatment options from diet and exercise to medications, vacuum devices, injections and urethral pellets. A combination of weight loss and medication meant things were looking up once again for Edwin and his new partner! So, stay at home and snuggle up to the one you love.

Emotional well-being is an important benefit of sexual intimacy through love, touch and play. Staying connected to another human being may mean that you live a longer, happier and healthier life. Check out some tips on how to enjoy intimacy as you age. Her website is Back To The Bedroom. Her blog is 50 Shades of Pink. Speak to a live person within minutes.

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Seniors for hot sex

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