Should cosmetic surgery be banned

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Cosmetic surgery has been a topic of controversy from the beginning. Am I attractive enough? What do others think about me? Should I alter the way I look so I feel more desirable? So many people look great, sexy and hot. It can be argued that undergoing a risky cosmetic surgery procedure in order to look better might just be one of the most irrational and dumbest decisions a healthy person might ever make? Surgery is arguably an invasive traumatic assault and even in the best circumstances makes a person worse before there is a chance to be better.

There is usually pain, swelling, bruising and scar tissue that forms. With no guarantee of success, the result may actually lead to life-altering terrible consequences. What is attractive about these freaky looking folk? After-all, is flawless skin more important than a kind heart? Is the perfect nose better than being a dependable hardworking person? So maybe the ban on cosmetic surgery should begin with teenagers.

Other prohibitions have not historically worked very well. Who would police or enforce this? Could we help dissuade vulnerable young people from so much emphasis on their looks and undergoing cosmetic surgery? Would this message even be possible? Would schools teach it? Or just parents, many of whom have their own struggles.

Is it realistic to expect we humans would learn to disregard how we appear? After-all, most of us comb our hair, bathe, brush our teeth, wear clothes that fit, and engage in other activities deed to help us look acceptable. Some even wear makeup! What about birth defects cleft lips and surgery? Or a large scar from an accident? Are these examples of excess vanity? So maybe prohibiting or discouraging cosmetic procedures is not a good idea. Telling others what do do rarely works it seems. Can we help instill the value of inner beauty as well as the desirability of external attractiveness?

Sometimes when we help people look better on the outside, this can translate to them feeling better on the inside. When the young woman with very big nose now has a pretty nose, she feels pretty for the first time. Is that so bad? Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Send now. Error: No connected . Please go to the Instagram Feed settings to connect an . Chatham Facial Plastic Surgery. June 15, Blog Article. Cosmetic surgery. Beauty or beast? Next. Post a comment cancel reply Save my name, , and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

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Should cosmetic surgery be banned

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Is it time to ban cosmetic surgery?