Signs your spouse is leaving you

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The truth is that in most cases, you as a husband are the last one to notice the s your wife wants to leave you. However, there are times when, like it or not, the harsh reality must be faced. Just read the following list of the most common s a wife wants to leave her husband and see whether you can relate to any of them.

All marital couples fight and it is inevitable that at some point, you and your spouse will also argue about some things which later turn out to be silly and unimportant. However, now everything seems to be different. In fact, it seems like your wife is constantly picking fights as if she enjoys arguing with you.

She acts as if she waits for a perfect opportunity to fight about literally anything. Besides, there are clearly some unresolved issues between you two and emotional baggage from the past which is causing this tension you both feel right now. The truth is that too much fighting has never done a healthy relationship any good. Trust me: as long as a woman nags, she cares for you. She might sound annoying with all of her requests, but that is a that she still loves you and is still investing in you.

As long as she complains about something in your marriage, it means that she is trying to change things for the better. It means that she has hope that she can make a difference. At first, you might enjoy this kind of environment in your relationship. This woman has become tired of repeating herself and of arguing over the same things for years and she thinks any further conversation is completely pointless. She has no energy left to fight with you or to fight for your marriage. This woman has absolutely no hope that your marriage can be saved. As a man, you can probably sleep with any girl you find attractive.

After all, there are some social or moral norms which prevent you from hitting on literally every woman around you. In fact, they need to have a deeper emotional connection with a guy in order to engage in any kind of physical contact with him. In fact, healthy communication is so ificant that the lack of it can be the one that your marital union is about to break apart. You assume that a lack of communication just means your wife is ignoring you or giving you the silent treatment.

Well, let me tell you that the problem is actually much deeper under the surface. After all, you are life partners and should be best friends. It means that your wife should talk to you about literally anything, including the little things that annoy most husbands. She should see you as her comforter — the one person in the world she can tell literally everything to, without the fear of being judged.

You should be the one she shares her problems with and the one she comes to for advice every time she is in trouble. It should be you whose opinion she appreciates the most and who she shares her darkest secrets, deepest fears, and wildest dreams with. As her husband, you should be the first person she runs towards to tell you everything good and bad that has happened to her. In fact, somewhere along the way, your wife has stopped talking to you.

You have best friends you also enjoy spending a lot of time with, a family you love being around, a job you like doing, hobbies which fulfill you…. Therefore, you stop being so obsessed with your loved one. The last thing you want is to grow tired of each other. This continues when you get married, as well. You are still separate individuals with your own interests and lives outside of the marriage. It gives you a chance to miss each other, which strengthens your emotional connection.

This is especially the case if she is burdened with kids, the house, and other everyday duties. However, you do have a problem if she appears to be more than happy every time she gets to spend time away from you.

In fact, your wife is not interested in your life, either. This woman has stopped listening to you. The truth is that lately, she knows nothing about your life. She is not interested in your friends, job, or hobbies.

The same goes for her jealousy. However, it is completely normal for a woman who loves you and cares for your marriage to be slightly jealous. The same goes for her privacy. She has no duty to tell you every little detail about her life, nor do you have the right to snoop around her phone and things.

After all, you and your ificant other now share a life together and it is perfectly natural that you should have no big secrets. That is exactly how things worked between you and your wife in the past. You shared almost everything and neither of you hid anything from the other.

All of a sudden, you know nothing about her daily habits. She works late without ever mentioning she got a promotion or a raise. Not only that: she is also extremely secretive about her phone. Now things have become way different. She carries her purse and phone wherever she goes and she makes sure she never leaves them unattended near you.

Not only that: you also noticed that your wife has been getting a lot more phone calls and text messages. All of this points to just one thing: she is probably being unfaithful. Or is she just planning on putting herself out there? Maybe she wants to find herself a safety net before actually leaving you and is exploring her options before actually visiting the divorce attorney.

She might have installed some dating apps or met someone online. Either way, this kind of behavior is unacceptable and it certainly comes under the category of unfaithfulness. The worst part is that she gets all defensive when you try to confront her about all of this. When you fall in love with someone at first, you like everything about them, including the parts of their personality that are probably not so appealing to others.

However, with time, when the butterflies fly away, it is inevitable that both partners take off their rose-tinted glasses. Even then, though, you have no intention of changing your partner. You accept them completely, including their imperfections. Well, that is exactly how things used to work in your marriage.

Unfortunately, everything has changed with time. Now it seems that everything about you annoys your wife. The funny thing is that she is mostly annoyed by the things she loved about you when you first met. Maybe your wife is just nervous about other things and is taking it out on you. However, if this has been going on for a while, you certainly have a problem.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with a married woman who still takes care of her appearance. She is constantly buying new clothes and she pays special attention to her laundry. Basically, your wife is doing everything in her power to go back to looking like a young girl. She spends hours in front of the mirror. You were delighted that your wife had started paying more attention to herself and you thought she was doing it to be prettier and more attractive for you. However, after a while, you figured out that this transformation has nothing to do with your marriage.

Well, I hate to be the one to break it to you but it is likely that she is trying to leave a good impression on some other guy. Your wife has no interest in reviving the spark in your marriage. However, she wants to be as beautiful as possible for her new crush. Basically, they want to put their marriage through a test. The couple still remains married but take some time off to figure things out. This is exactly what your wife has been mentioning lately.

She wants to see whether she will miss you and if she can make it without you. On the other hand, there is also a possibility that she is being really honest about her intentions.

Signs your spouse is leaving you

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