Smoking heroin symptoms

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Heroin use can be a devastating and life-threatening habit. But the reality is there are ways to disguise addiction symptoms, making them less obvious to those around the user. And that could potentially save their life. The beginning of heroin addiction often brings symptoms that are behavioral. One of the first s is that a person will suddenly seek more privacy than before. The need for alone time can be an indicator that they are looking to hide drug use. They also may be suddenly be running short on money. If they are spending their money on heroin, that can quickly add up.

You might notice they are asking to borrow money a lot. Or perhaps they start selling off their personal possessions. Other early s are the use of deodorizers in their personal space, as well as drug paraphernalia in the trash. The paraphernalia evidence might seem obvious, but depending on their use habits, it might not be readily apparent. But a sudden jump in the amount used usually means they are trying to cover up any odors that might be indicators of heroin use.

So they will often drop in weight drastically and suddenly. This is a very unhealthy byproduct of heroin abuse and can be incredibly dangerous to their heart and overall health. This is because the heat from the heroin smoke will irritate those areas. They might also have burn marks on their fingers and even their mouth area.

Among the common effects of snorting heroin is a noticeable increase in nosebleeds. And if they inject it, expect the classic symptoms of needle marks at the site of injection. This is usually in their arms and legs and looks like small bruises or dots. A commonly known side effect of opiate abuse is constipation. The same is true for heroin abuse. Opioid-induced constipation, or OIC, is very common in heroin addicts. Look for any consistent and long trips to the bathroom.

They will likely be trying to pass stool but are having trouble. Heroin addiction can cause brain activity and reaction time to slow down. Sometimes this will mean they sound mumbled. Heroin use can also cause people to lose some of their fine motor skills. Sometimes this takes the form of becoming so uncoordinated it seems like they could tip over at any moment.

Other times it will take the form of extreme jitters, followed by total relaxation, and then back and forth between these two. We mentioned that an early of heroin use is to constantly seek privacy and to cover up use with things like deodorizers. As addiction gets worse, this type of behavior only increases. The cravings and needs for the drug become so intense that many addicts will do whatever it takes to get more of the drug. This could mean lying directly to you, stealing from you, and wearing clothing that specifically hides their needle marks and bruising.

Smoking heroin is putting a lot of undue strain onto their lungs. As such, they often wind up with moderate to severe lung disease. If your friend or loved one suddenly develops tuberculosis, pneumonia, or even lung abscesses, it might be a of heroin use. Heroin creates havoc in the brain and its emotional centers. So, addicts often end up having extreme mood swings. It can go all the way from total apathy to full blown anger.

They might become violent. These can be some of the most readily apparent symptoms that lead people to suggest the addict look into a detox and recovery program. They are so focused on getting and using heroin, they lose a desire to be around people who care about them. If they are going through a period of withdrawal, a heroin addict will experience severe physical ailments. Often these will come in the form of symptoms of the flu. They will have intense aches and pains, as well as diarrhea and cramping.

These 12 s are very common in anyone who has become addicted and is regularly shooting, smoking, or snorting heroin. According the Center for Disease Control, the of deaths as a result of heroin abuse in the United States is roughly seven times higher than the rate in the late s. If you have any questions about heroin abuse, the effects of heroin use, and other drug addiction recovery information, contact the DreamLife Recovery clinical team in western Pennsylvania today.

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Smoking heroin symptoms

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