Tanka poems about love

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These Love Tanka poems are examples of Tanka poems about Love. These are the best examples of Tanka Love poems written by international poets. Member Area. Word Counter. Home » Poems » tanka » love. Jesus Christ Life ground to a halt living down a dead end street where there's no sunlight and shadows of doubt linger Till your love blew them away. . Love And Light Love is meant to be Encompassing all around. Forever beyond The comprehension of the Even humans' minds abound Push me away, then My feelings alone will be Louder than ever before Seagull a seagull flying above the rolling waves wind beneath its wings… the thought of you keeps me going - - - - - - - - - Are we there yet lacking in knowledge cyclic pain and joy confounds we feel incomplete head and heart aligned with love path to bliss in permanence June Jewel Of A Friend Jewel of a friend.

Still, gemstones can be broken. Bestest friend I had. Our words once left unspoken Still making me beyond sad. Infinite Ocean Love is a ripple In the ocean that is life: Resembling vast waves, Echoes of love flow stronger As the ripple moves onwards

Tanka poems about love

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