The right words to say to a woman

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Jasper is our expert conversationalist and wordsmith. He loves coming up with questions, jokes, and topics deed to create natural conversation. His work has been featured on Marriage. Read Full Bio. More about Mantelligence 's Editorial Process. Have you ever been talking to or texting a girl and wished you knew the nice things to say to a girl to make her feel special? It happens to the best of us - it's common to get stuck for things to say to a girl you like. When you feel nervous or excited, your mind can easily go blank when you try to think of nice things to say to a girl , in fact, you might even forget how to talk to girls altogether.

A list of amazing things to say can really help you out here. You can make a note of all the sentences and phrases that you like so you can look back over it the next time you're trying to think of nice things to say to a girl. Making a girl feel wanted and loved would be one of the main chapters in the " How to Get a Girlfriend " manual if one existed. So it's useful to have a few awesome compliments and cute ideas for "good night" texts up your sleeve.

Cute phrases and sentences are all that's needed to make a woman feel like she's the only one in the world. Take inspiration from these nice things to say and the girl in question will have no doubt about your feelings for her. This sounds like something straight out of a movie and the girl in question is sure to feel like a movie star when you tell her that you love her in this way. Send these words in a text to a pretty girl that you care about and she'll be thrilled to receive such a romantic message. If a girl makes you feel happy and excited, this is a great sentence to help her understand what she means to you.

Girls love it when guys make jokes or try to amuse them. That's why it's always useful to take note of ideas for funny things to say to a girl - these phrases can make great ice breakers or they can be a fun way to show your love.

This phrase is corny, but sometimes something corny can break the ice and make a girl relax a little more when you speak to her. A silly but nice thing to say to a girl that you think is so beautiful that your friends will be jealous that you met her. This is a nice thing to say to a girl because it makes her feel special without directly complimenting her. This sarcastic phrase is great because it sounds like you are annoyed, but really you are complimenting her on how amazing she looks all the time. One of the best ways to get to a girl's heart is by saying cute things to her.

Whether in person, by text or even over , cute phrases and messages can mean a lot to the woman in your life. Use these cute things to say to a girl any time you want to let her know how much she means to you. An adorable little phrase that will make any girl feel unique. Saying this to her or sending it in a text message is a surefire way to make her feel pleased that she has this effect on you.

If you think she is the most gorgeous girl in the world, this is all you need to say to express your feelings. Girls love to hear sweet things which make them feel like you're trying to express your true feelings. Sweet things to say to a girl can be especially useful if you're trying to cheer her up or she's had a bad day. You don't have to use these phrases verbatim, but they can give you inspiration for the types of things that she might like to hear.

They're especially great if you're struggling to express how much you miss her when the two of you are apart from one another. A great way to make her feel like she is important to you and you don't like being apart from her. If the girl in question brings you happiness every time you see her, this is the perfect way to tell her. Now that you have some awesome ideas for nice things to say to a girl , you can take a moment to pick one that your crush or girlfriend will love. Use these helpful tips to choose between them:. This can help you to decide what kind of phrases she might like to hear.

For example, if she likes comedies, she might enjoy it when you express your feelings in a funny way or by making a joke. If she prefers romantic movies, she will probably enjoy hearing more cute or sweet compliments that let her know how special you think she is. Some girls like to receive direct compliments, while other girls find this embarrassing.

If you know this, you'll find it easier to choose the nicest things to say. If she likes compliments , you could choose a phrase that talks about her smile or her beauty. Otherwise, you could tell her how much you miss her or how happy she makes you. What you say can sometimes be dependent on when you say it. For example, you would choose a different phrase when sending a "good morning" text to a girl compared to when you're watching a movie together.

Get ideas for phrases that you can use at different times and you'll be able to choose the perfect one to let her know how you feel. Whether you're talking in person, on the phone or texting, chatting with girls can be an experience that makes you feel a bit tongue-tied. If you feel lost for words when talking to a girl that you like, reading examples of great things to say can be amazingly helpful. You don't have to repeat them word for word, but they can give you ideas for the types of things that girls love to hear.

These nice things to say to a girl are all you need to tell the special woman in your life how pretty and unique she is. Whether you choose a romantic phrase, funny phrase or cute phrase, you'll be able to explain to your girlfriend or crush how they make you feel. Jasper lives in Georgia with his new bride. You ever seen those 'who knows me better questions' YouTube videos? Well, here they're in blog form! Well, we've got plenty of get to know you questions right here. They're really fun questions to ask people who know the most about you. We've compiled the ultimate These indoor date ideas will give you the best ways to enjoy your time without going out.

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It may sound surprising but these types of pick up lines actually manage to get them the attention of girls. But this begs the Did you ever wonder about all the unanswerable questions out there? Why are there questions to ask without answers? Why doesn't someone answer these questions for me? Yes, we've all asked ourselves these questions, but, sadly, there's no clear answer to them. Pin Share About The Author.

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The right words to say to a woman

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