What is the difference between affection and love

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By Joseph Bryson Relationships. Love and affection are two words that are intrinsically linked. They are of course similar in many ways: they are both feelings that we harbour for those of us in our lives who are most important to us. But they are actually quite different from each other in definition. Although they are just words and we can kind of use them as we choose and be a bit liberal in our personal definitions, but when we look a bit more deeply into these actual sensations, we can see that there are two distinct feelings and that the different words are warranted.

Both of the words are expressions of endearment, and positive sensations which are based around strong relationships, so what exactly is it that differentiates the two from each other? Love is perhaps a word that we all use a little bit too liberally. We throw it around like it means absolutely nothing, when in truth, love is a feeling that means a whole lot, and that should be reserved for our deepest inclinations. There are different kinds of love of course. We tell our family we love them from the first moment that we can speak. We even say it about food. And all of us are capable of feeling that, though for some of us it takes a bit longer to find it.

And why is that? What are you really saying when you say that you love your partner? You are telling them that you want to commit to them, that you feel strongly that if you share your life with them, you will be happy. And going a little deeper, you are acknowledging their flaws, insecurities and whatever differences you have and accepting that you can look past them.

It is constant and impossible to shake no matter how hard you try. And this brings us back to affection and what differs here. Because affection is not unconditional. Affection is light and fun. Love is lasting, patient and resilient in the face of adversity, whereas affection is spontaneous, energetic and can slip through your fingers with little consequence. He has been working in 4 different industries and helped numerous businesses grow. Now, he is focused on writing as his next career from home and lives a peaceful life with his family and a whole pack of dogs.

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What is the difference between affection and love

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The Difference Between Love and Affection