When do you tell someone you love them

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Have you ever had someone who's in love try to explain being in love to you? Now that we know that everyone is confused, when is the right time to tell someone you love them? We can make this article as much of a playbook about when to say "I love you" as you like. But when push comes to shove, it's fairly simple: Do you feel it? If people are more clear about what it is they are trying to say when they say it, that might give them a better guide in following their instincts. I think there's more about when you shouldn't say it.

The top part of the flicker, where it dances, is the most mesmerizing," says Siegel. So even when the flickering dies down, how much is still simmering underneath? Ask yourself: If the skin-deep attraction fades, what do you have left? But if you look at them for their least attractive qualities and are pretty set to stick around, you may be onto something. You should not forget a birthday. You also should not say "I love you" if you feel that you are under any sort of obligation.

If it's not a feeling that comes from inside you, you should NOT say it. Saying "I love you" out of obligation is only going to get you into trouble down the road and will potentially hurt the person you likely do have feelings for, even if those feelings aren't exactly love. Well, congratulations! Are you, or have you just finished, having sex? Likely best to wait. Sex is a vulnerable activity in itself, and throwing love in there for the first time is going to make it confusing and perhaps a tad like an emotional ambush.

Are you feeling insecure and want to say it for some sort of validation? Again, probably best to wait. Saying it out of insecurity or possessiveness as it relates to insecurity is not the recipe for getting a wholehearted "I love you" back. How long have you actually been dating? When we start to feel comfortable is when we show all of our sides, for better or for worse. That means not needing to hear it said back, that means not expecting any gain from it, and that means not saying it in response to something like sex. Say "I love you" when you love someone.

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When do you tell someone you love them

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