Yes man motivational speaker

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I was reminded of this while watching, of all things, a Jim Carrey movie. Spoiler Alert! Consider your self warned. However, I felt compelled to watch this movie. In it, Jim Carrey plays a character named Carl Allen who always says no to everything that comes into his life. On a side note, I am looking forward to the day that Hollywood actually creates a movie with a semi-normal — or at least realistic — portrayal of a motivational speaker. Though the movie was only ok, it did get me thinking about the power of saying yes.

Bet you never thought you would be learning life lessons from a Jim Carrey movie, did you? Unless of course that movie was Doing Time on Maple Drive , where you learned all sorts of lessons about dysfunctional families, homosexuality, and alcoholism. When he gets there, guess who happens to be the lead singer of the band? You got it: Allison.

Hollywood strikes again! In real life, not so much. For example, a few years ago I decided to field a team for the 48 Hour Film Project. I called my friend Mike of Game Music, Inc. But the real interesting bit about this story is that it was that very weekend that Mike met Sarah, one of the actresses in our short film. The two went on to date, got in a relationship, and now are happily married with a young daughter.

Friends are important And dangerous. What you can still take away from this: Life is short. I know things get busy, and work and obligations call, but friendships and relationships are one of the things that make life worth living. Saying yes to the right opportunities could lead to some good things Why this point is stupid in the movie: High risk loans to people with bad credit and stupid business ideas being brilliant?

If this was the real world, you know Carl would have been fired as many of those loans would have defaulted. What you can still take away from this: The lesson you can take away is that it can pay to get off auto-pilot and look for opportunities in everything that is presented to you. In the flick, Carl got lucky; the loans just happened to work. However, if he had thought about it in advance and came up with the strategy if lending micro-loans, then that may have been brilliant.

Taking a few well thought out chances can make all the difference. He plays the guitar well, becomes a full plot able to fly on his own, and most amazingly becomes fluent in Korean — all at the same time! In that time frame Carl also has occasions to use his Korean speaking skills to get good service at a store and then uses his guitar skills to talk a suicidal Luis Guizman off a ledge! I have trained in the martial arts for over 20 years. Guess how many times I have had to use it? What you can still take away from this: Keep learning.

Learning is awesome. It keeps the mind young, keeps us engaged in life, and helps us grow as people. Pick one thing you have always wanted to learn and go out and learn it. You will not be disappointed. Not to everything, just to more than you are currently doing now. By Avish Parashar. As the world's only Motivational Improviser, Avish uses techniques from the world of improv comedy to engage, entertain, and educate audiences on ideas around change, creativity, and motivation.

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Yes man motivational speaker

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The Power of “Yes”