You are in low priority matchmaking pool

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If you are reading this post you are probably facing a low priority status in your , right? Here I am going to explain every aspect of how it works, why it exists, and how to get rid of it as fast as possible.

Low priority in Dota 2 is a system with the intent to penalize players with bad behaviors, making them play low-quality games in the Single Draft mode and go through a slower queue to find the match before they can back the normal matchmaking system, even though the restriction is bound if you try to play with friends your entire party will be automatically placed in the low priority matchmaking while the penalized player is on the party.

You should also know that the matchmaking restriction is not the only penalty attributed to players in the low priority, while your remains with this status you will not be eligible for any kind of cosmetic item drop as well as achievements, quests, battle points or any kind of season rewards will not be granted to your . According to the official Steam support :. However, obviously, due to this feature in the party matchmaking, you should avoid troublesome party members that abandon often if you wish to maintain your record clean and low priority free.

However, if you do indeed be classified as a player with bad conduct constantly you can have an escalation of penalties going as high as a complete matchmaking banishment or by adding a couple more games required in the low priority queue.

If you wish to check how the system is classifying you, that is available at the Conduct Summary in your player profile in-game, with the total of reports, commends, and overall behavior score of the last games of your . As stated above, abandoning matches can result in low priority to your , but what exactly Dota 2 considers as abandonment? Leaving the match due to internet problems will still classify as detrimental behavior if repeated constantly. The last, and probably most unexpected way for a player to be classified as an abandoner is by not obtaining a single experience point in a 5 minute period.

The low priority penalty has no way to be removed from your apart from winning the specified of games in your matchmaking queue. Low priority matches in Dota 2 are played strictly in the Single Draft mode as this will encourage players, even more, to avoid the low priority queue, as in this mode, you are restricted to playing only 3 random heroes selected by the game itself. Due to most players not liking this game mode it can result in higher difficulty to form a party with friends, frustrating even more whoever falls in the low priority queue.

The system was built fail-proof and the only way to speed up the process of getting back to the normal priority queue is through a tryhard party with high skilled players that can win the game by themselves. This should be enough for you to understand everything there is to know about the low priority system in Dota 2, try to avoid getting into it or it can really frustrate your gaming experience! How do you end up in Low Priority in Dota 2? What is the definition of an abandon in Dota 2? How long does low priority last? Why do low priority queues take forever in Dota 2?

Which game mode is played in low priority matches in Dota 2? How to get out of low priority fast in Dota 2?

You are in low priority matchmaking pool

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